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Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Vermin vermin vermin
Vermin vermin vermin
Vermin vermin vermin

Using what's in place to protect
to harm and hurt

Vermin vermin vermin

There's blood on your hands
It will always be there
You can wash it off,
but I'll always see it as clear as day

Cattatonicat Jun 2020
I smell vermin on you,
As you lie and play the victim
Yesterday you took what is mine
So today I asked you not to
You got so angry at me,
For trying to play fair

You got so used to taking what is mine
My time, my space, my energy
You got so used to taking what is mine
That you forgot they belong to me

When I asked you to stop taking what is mine
You devalued me because you thought
If I’m worth less than you, you can take what is mine

When I asked you to stop taking what is mine
You took advantage of the system that was
Built to protect, to hurt me
How dare you, you thought,
That I try to take back
What is mine

I smell vermin on you
I don’t want you back
Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
I've had the money
I've had the power
But for you, honey
I couldn't even grow a flower

I've spread the vermin
Became a parasite
But for you, darling
I couldn't even set it all aside
Freestyle written in 3 minutes.
I saw it
I knew it
Your impact... A decay
Your words... Growing a constant tumor
Your presence... Cancerous to my mind
I sensed it
It already consumed me
I feel it stagnant in my blood
A leech to my skin's rot
I'm dying
But I realized I'm the vermin I was reluctant to cure.
We always act oblivious to our rot.
Crandall Branch Dec 2017
My smooth vermin, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you infest,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the wicked rest.

Let me compare you to a contender?
You are more ugly and more disgusting.
Hot frost nips the robins of December,
And wintertime has the shocking busting.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your intriguing infestations.
Thinking of your many legs fills my days.
My hate for you is the implications.

Now I must away with a loathsome heart,
Remember my fast words whilst we're apart.
please leave feedback and coomens below! :) :)
Josh Jun 2017
Uninvited visitor
Black-eyed burglar
Shadow dweller
Nimble sprinter
Able contortionist.

Cheap, common yet
disease giver
Innocent troublemaker
Thief and scrounger
Bin searcher
Test subject.

Extreme sport enthusiast of my kitchen, bedroom and balcony
Sleep depriver
Olympic diver
Racecar driver with claws for wheels.
I'm not your pit crew, so please find your meals elsewhere,
Silent sniffler.
Constant nibbler
Unwelcome visitor
And he brought a plus one, cheeky sod.
Wherever he goes,
He's pursued always by that faithful worm.
I didn't sleep last night because of an uninvited presence
Nikhil Khandekar Aug 2015
My thoughts bear me back
I can hear self speak
To mediocrity n’ tack;
Horror, how my words leak!

Hear me dish out
What I was handed
My worst - Infernal spout -
The vermin banded.

If I do live in me mind
What Paradise I expect to find?
Despite the daughter, my sole joy, laughter
What! Must my body travail
From rafter to rafter?

Then again, vermin mill round
I tap away, coroner profound
To use a quote that encapsulates my feelings right now,
“I'm tired of this back-slappin' "isn't humanity neat" *******. We're a virus with shoes.”
― Bill Hicks

The Poem

Originally I thought I suffered from irritability,
irritability of the human race.
Then I realised whilst looking at my face, it was hate.
I told the Doctor I'd thought of suicide, then realised
I wanted to commit mass homicide.
Become a hermit.
Mankind, womankind I hate you, people think me nice, fair,
and kind, I know the truth, I am a *******, so you must be too.
We as a race need a cull.
Do I like the human race? No. What's to like?
I even dislike people that purport to be friends.
I intricately step my way through this world of vermin.
We defile what is beautiful and true, hate because we
are taught to. Ruin, start wars, cause pain, then moan about the rain!
We as a race are quite crudely put, a pile of ****,
but even **** has purpose, a role.
What role do we have? To hate one another?
If so please make it equal and adhere to political correctness,
by that I mean, Hate Everyone equally.
© JLB 07/06/2014
“You ever get the feeling the world's filling up with *******? I do. What I want to know is what happens when all the ******* run out of people to crap on? What happens when all that's left in the world is *******? . . . The golden rule. ***** unto others before they ***** unto you.”
― William Hoffman, A Place For My Head

— The End —