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Avery Feb 7
Do you think I enjoy this
Say I lack age to employ this
You do know stress doesn't need a reason, right?
Tori Schall Feb 1
You turn a blind eye to the world around you
As blood and tears rain from silent captives.
Your ignorance astounds me, you subdue
The natural instinct inside that lives.

You push away the plate of all their pain
And refuse to eat the words of truth, fool.
So tell me, what is it you hope to gain
By living your life as a broken tool.

Nothing you could tell me would justify
The arrogance you show by ignoring.
What would it do and would satisfy,
Or would it leave yourself unraveling?

The next time you hear a captive cry out,
Don’t sit in silence with wonder and doubt.
Dean Jan 29
i miss you
i miss you like i miss getting high in my backyard at dusk
and it’s not the smoke that hurts my eyes.
i miss you like i miss the slide of alcohol down my throat when i give up calling you.
and it’s not the alcohol that burns.
but i don’t have to miss those anymore.
the only thing i’m missing now is
this is kinda dark and some of my work will start getting more so. this is just a heads up, things are really rough right now and i take break ups pretty hard. feel free to take this literally or metaphorically i don’t mind
Public Diary Jan 29
It's been four years since I last wrote anything here; reading my past stuff makes me squirm a little at how dramatic I was back then but I guess I haven't changed as much as I would like to believe. I'm not really sure what I want this account to be now; before it was obvious that it was just an outlet to let my negative emotions out but I'm past that part in my life, I think? I guess I just want to say what I feel and not worry about how it will change how people see me.
That already sounds pretty shallow though doesn't it? I think so, but I don't want to trouble anyone or make them feel bad for me. Its strange that after all this time of feeling at least okay to really good, I'm starting to feel sad again; I wonder why that is? I guess it's because I feel like no one cares about me as much as I care about them. It's hard to believe someone when they say they care about you and then when you try to reach out you don't hear back from them. I get that everyone is busy, I'm pretty busy too, but you don't have enough time to spare a few seconds to reply?
That's where the problem comes in you see? I can't tell anyone that because all it will do is make them feel bad and create a fake version of what I'm looking for. I guess what I really want is for someone to genuinely care enough to just take the 5 seconds to say something back, I already did the hard part by saying something first right?
So uhh I guess I'm back, thanks for reading my rant I feel better now :)
dancing in the deep down
dramatic, lulling lays
of Lana Del Rey—

a quill on its snow-white
then tainted-black ground
and a flooded, brimful head
on its space—

till the airhead wakes and
weeps and wails.
A late post here, gotta admit that I still feel frustrated and mad at myself that I am unable to write lots like some of my friends. They are able to write long, gorgeous pieces even from the simplest of words.
Tommy Randell Jan 22
Too many Poets dumbing down!
Look, I know its tempting
To just get stuff out,
To get your feelings up on the screen
Poetry is only more than what is said
If it says what it means?

Too many Poets thumping it out!
As if what's written
Doesn't have to mean anything at all.
When I read a poem I want emotion,
I don't want to think of the poet on a toilet
Just getting on with their daily motions!

Too many Poets shuffling synonyms!
Does all free speech have to be condoned,
As if everything said is a tamper-free zone,
As if anything on a page makes you part of the Tribe?
Like Fight Club, the Poet has to be about more than the poet -
Too many Poets just strutting their vibe.
I'm sure i read this somewhere or it was perhaps taught me in some context. That for a poem to be a poem 3 things should be there.

1) It must be about more than one thing, metaphorical in some way.
2) The voice of the poem should be discernible from other poets and be an interesting way of seeing.
3) It shouldn't be ultimately pointless and/or incoherent.

I know that's a 'hard' view of poetry BUT as a starting out point, a basic 'intent' if you like, it's good practice. Rhyme, meter, form etc can all be argued about but ...
Katie V-W Jan 15
I write
Who's right?
Who has rights?


To write
To rite
To mute
To fight
To right!
Too right?
Too tight?
Lack of sight.
That’s a slight
Feeling some plight,
Wanting to take flight.
Is that right?
Written rite
eli Jan 14
I'm terrible at showing emotion
to the people i love i act as I don't
i act like they can leave at any point
and id be fine

its hard
being too scared to let people in
being too scared to love

I've been left so many times
its my biggest fear
... but the truth is that its inevitable

people come and go
"everything happens for a reason"
but that's the biggest lie I've heard

is there a reason why my mom tries to **** herself
is there a reason that the people you love so much always leave
is there a reason why every day people die

that **** doesn't happen for a reason
that **** doesn't make you stronger

when people leave
it results in never being able to open yourself to the people who care
never being able to show how much you care
because you never want to care, about anyone

when you show emotion it means its real
and you don't want to care about anyone unless you know its real

ending up pushing away the people you care about
and pretending to love the people you don't

i can't open up to people
and show them i care
unless i know its forever
but its never gonna be forever
so why bother
Kevin J Taylor Nov 2018
Rise! Rise from this Body
Of Prosody Ex Auctoritate
Whence, unknowing,
Each cell marches, sine arbitror,
Here. there, just so—
Confusing comet ice,
Constellations, Van Allen skies,
Abandoned seas. So again,
A song may end.

Rise! Sing instead, Embodiment
Of Purpose, Ardent,
Godslike, Unhidden—
Release your sounds.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
Copycat, copycat.
Mimic all that I do,
Even though,
you know
it's not good for you.

Copycat, copycat.
Do not be a fool.
You can fool
So many people.
But not me;
I will not drool
All over you.

Copycat, copycat.
Giveback my life.
No, I do not care if copying me is how you survive.
No, I hate you a lot... so goodbye.

Copycat, copycat.
I shouldn't call you so:
You're a *****, and I hope that you know.
I appoint you head ***** from now on.
Bam! Scram!
It's about time that you've gone.
Ahaha this is a phat mood
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