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julianna Feb 2018
You ate that thing
And now you feel sick,
You can't get over it.
So you get over it by throwing up.
The Dark ominous corridor beckons at me
In my mind, deep within delicious Agony
Reminding me of moments of my Idiocy
A weakness to Purge by hurting me.

Pierce my Eyes so I can't see
Carve it from its own sockets free
I'll cry myself in ****** tears of glee
For these lenses sinned by looking at thee

Shut my Mouth so I can't  speak
Or taste kisses that make me weak
Sew it up with threads so thick
For these lips have sinned kissing a *****

Cut my whole Body and throw it in a bag
From my head to my torso and my every leg
With my pounded bones and flesh turned to rag
For my whole body sinned, your touch I still beg

And lastly for the finale of my Purification
Take my Heart away as a final decision
Rip it all out with reckless abandon
For it sinned, loving you with devotion

For hurting Myself is my final solution
My penance and truth from this horrid Illusion
An act I will make with my own volition
To ******* own love for thee with Self Mutilation.
A dark poem by a dark poet of a dark past and a dark present moving forward to a dark path in the dark world.

Been a while I guess...
Demy Molentor Aug 2017
With you should be our Lady luck.
Come brave with light and dark.
Go change the world, for you, unseen, cannot be coght.
Out there, with you 's my every bright thought.
To anonymous
caramel apple eyes
with no smile,
just a smirk
maybe you'll spare me
from my two year and counting sentence
but it seems unlikely
that i'll be able to get over you,
because if I haven't already
I never will.
Tell me why I can only formulate magnificent proses when they
come from a spot of mourning that you left in the pits of my rotting stomach
it's an ethereal feel that links me back to the sea
your scent draws me in close,
how I desperately want to jump off a cliff to save myself from your grasp.
I spend countless nights huddled in a corner of my room
and I've come to the conclusion that love is only good
when you're in it.
I return to the ocean cliff every day,
looking out to try to pinpoint the bottom of the raging blue rapids beneath where I stand 133 feet up.
Maybe if I can dance closer to the edge,
you'll take notice and save me before I fall
but who am I kidding?
I was the one to take things too far,

I don't want to finish this poem.
you may call it laziness for refusing to finish it, others may say it's writers block, but it's from a dull throb from my heart that prevents me from continuing this chain.
Skye Carpenter Apr 2017
These sweet little pills flush my fears away,
eradicating every content of my gut until I feel okay.
The pain burns like a ravaging fire within, yet I am numb -
for I know that once I am empty, the calm will come.
M Harris Feb 2017
Heavy Rain,
Under the umbrella in vain,
Exigent and ostentatious,
An egotistic hostility,
Filling the purge atmosphere,
Rain drops ebbing,
Conceiving an enchanted assault.

Fenced with free fall,
Falling into zero,
A faith so sick,
Ready to twitch.

Sanctified reminiscence of a remorseful purge,
Hateful conscience of a disgusted now.

Don’t know how,
A will to amend,
A limitless descent,
Wandering in extent,
Chaos down the ascent.

Extremity too proximal,
Grey beyond despair,
A reverence so brisk,
I’m frittered and devoid of retention.
eliza bonnet Feb 2017
the cracks line the sides of my body
my hands shake wearily
the bruises grow with every step I take
i lock the door behind me
and watch my insides pour out in front of me
my eyes are bloodshot
tears lining the rim

I try not to cough too loudly
I try not to gag too much
I try not to take too long

the fear of my secret being known
kills me more than the disease itself
too bad I'm already dead
Helena B Jan 2017
When I think about you,
it doesn't give me butterflies like it used to.
Instead I feel like I swallowed a dozen knives.
Looking through old photographs of us used to bring a smile to my face,
Now I get nauseous.
I once thought I would grow old with you
But the thought of you now makes me cringe.
I gave you my trust
And you tore me apart, bit by bit.
My eyes avoid all the reminisce and fingerprints you left in my home and on my skin.
I have tried to purge you out of my head
because the thought of you makes me disgusted
But its difficult.
You spread yourself thinly through all of my favorite things.
The only thing you never touched was my poetry.
My ex was very emotionally abusive and its been hard to live knowing he touched me when I didn't want him to.
traces of being Nov 2016
back from the brink
of blindly falling;
back alone again
in a crowded room

there is no bridge
over troubled waters,
no way to purge
vast oceans
when deep rivers foment
pitch black
swallowed by an insatiable sea

no good shepherd to gather
an abandoned black sheep
cast heedlessly away
from the fold

like a dogless bone

a stain on impeccable sublime
a hopeless wanderer
stalled on the brink
of a threshold lost in time

purge me from your poetry
so I won’t remember
the insatiable  ache
of inerasable words
left unsaid

you lured me out
from the cold & darkness
to freeze my heart
in naked light of day

purge me from your poetry
like you spilled me
from your heart;
don’t come back here
to this slippery, lonely edge,
just to bid adieu

as if I didn't notice you were gone

purge me from your poetry
so I can accept without
sorrow's ache so deep;
in unbroken silence
a heart silent  atones not pretense,

and yet,

the only lie you whispered was "friend"

November 2016  ... wild is the wind
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