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Tony Tweedy Mar 27
If E=MC squared and I am 9 stone why cant I get up in the morning?

If all things are "relative" why haven't I heard from any of you?

If nothing moves faster than light how does that cold drop of water beat me when I go to the bathroom in the mornings?
Yes I know...
Danial John Feb 2018
I’m alright
I see the light
I know to darkness
Nothing new here, ive always been heartless

Don’t worry about me
I enjoy the dirt and filth that surrounds me
Don’t be so vain
It’s mine, not your pain

It’s not time to leave yet
I don’t think you see it
I have things to do
I’m quite used to feeling blue

You’re just the newest think to cross my mind
If not you then another I’d find
Sit and write
Spill my mind because I cannot cry

I mean no harm
Just expressing myself
I’ve been here before, and will be again before long
The only help is my help

Thanks for caring
That’s all I need
There’s nothing you did or can do
So just let me bleed
Really, this is catharsis. If anything it’s benific to me. It could have been anyone, just so happened it was you this time. My thoughts have always been this dark. If it hurts you, then don’t read my ****. Still, I apologize
* * * *
It is essential to understand the difference
between Voices being used Against Us
From the Voices within Our Minds
that we use against Ourselves


Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
These things I know to be True
Zead Jul 2014
A cry for help in a helpless city
Beneath the rocks is the vibe of many
Can’t expect to see things change
Have to accept that I am strange
Continuing on with my own life tasks
Forgetting that all I want to be known
The idea’s that can’t be seen without masks
Hiding the  that we are together alone
Together alone; is what we are
Together alone; it’s what we are
Keep losing and you’ll doubt
Keep lacking and you’ll feel
That your knowledge is only of the known
Seeking for the unkown
In all of us can’t we bring
The control of feelings
It’s when I’m like this
To comprehend my line
So far gone from the strips of teaching
No rules
A particle in the ocean
Others touching
Others leaving
Others sticking aside
To see in their own way
On How we collide
No proof
No fact
But we think
That along we can ride
It’s when I’m like this
No words can express
To pin point success
Shaking from not being able to explain
I am alone
I am crazy
My art ***** pleasingly
I laugh at my desperation
I cry about my satisfaction
Vice versa
And beyond
Cleaning up my head locked bind
If you can comprehend
Then you can understand in your own way
Hopefully you do.
Out connection is my quest
Such a silly name
But I can’t
Recall another game
I don’t even  
I love and I hate
Disconnected fate
U know who you are
But not what your apart of
From always knowing me
This place I cannot see
I can’t ever wright enough.
My writings will loop again.
Such shame.
But every coin has a different perspective
I am ******-delic
Zead May 2014
you feel lonely,
not at home,
don't know where home is,
but you aren't there,
there as in that place,
and reality falls,
your heart can't grasp it altogether,
but it's alright,
*** in the end,
you will find what's right,
like the rope being cut with a saw but the magnets try to meet and drill through the barrier anyways,
my art,
ones ****,
ones destiny,
but can hurt many-goodnight manny
yea. i pulled this out of my face while counseling someone about stufff.

— The End —