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Tony Tweedy Mar 27
Are you raised or seated when you have to wipe your ***?
I feel compelled to ask you as there seems no rule of thumb.
Do you use your left hand or do you use the right?
Do you really scrub it or stroke it nice and light?
Do you scrunch the paper or fold it layered flat?
I hope I haven't intruded or offended by asking you all that?

My apologies but sometimes my brain just wont engage neutral gear.
Sorry everyone. Every so often I just have to get that stuff out of my head.
You didn't all really expect the "Bear" encounter was the end of it did you?
Tony Tweedy Mar 27
If E=MC squared and I am 9 stone why cant I get up in the morning?

If all things are "relative" why haven't I heard from any of you?

If nothing moves faster than light how does that cold drop of water beat me when I go to the bathroom in the mornings?
Yes I know...

— The End —