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Brenda Mukisa Nov 2020
No.... no, I don’t support change just for change, I need it so that I never have to look at the faces during the news hour just to make sure it isn’t someone I know bleeding out on the street. I need this change because I didn’t work so hard for a 4.0 degree through expensive schools to earn 100 thousand shillings a month. I need change because I want my freedom of free speech without worrying that it will mean a bullet in my head.... I want answers to the millions of money that are supposed to build roads and schools and hospitals but somehow just disappear and no one answers for them and I want to know that my son will come home safe when he leaves to go into town, that the education I give him isn’t a waste of time and money and that if he dreams of being a president, he actually can be one!
Brenda Mukisa Nov 2020
I grew up believing it’s only true if it lasts forever.
Maybe true is now
Loving you now
And you loving me now
Now, tomorrow and the day after....
And knowing that it’s okay if that’s it.
the idea of forever isn’t the physical person
But the thought of them that lingers beyond.
Beyond now, today and the day after.
Brenda Mukisa Oct 2020
I know what it means to be alone
Not standing in a room full of people alone
But sitting in an empty room by yourself alone
Sitting there and knowing you’d be gone today and now and no one would know alone.
Alone enough to know that there are 7 billion people in the world and no one cares enough to check in or care alone
Brenda Mukisa Aug 2020
Tomorrow the sun will rise again.
And so will you.....
Brenda Mukisa Aug 2020
Because a part of me just wants to fall onto the ground and cry so hard. Until all this pain and emptiness oozes out of my system.....
Through my tears.
Brenda Mukisa Aug 2020
Taylor seems... no, Taylor is  foreign.
Distant, unknown and even weird to call out yet to others, probably the most familiar.
In truth I didn’t know him. I never will. He never introduced himself or opened up or showed up because in truth he never wanted to. So he didn’t try.
I wrote a letter to Taylor because that was the way best way I’d accept my true terms with Philip.
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