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Mark Toney Dec 2019
In tents
7/11/2018 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018 - "Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve seen it. Now YOU can do it! Spend a night camping out on a sheer rock face hundreds of feet off the ground. Cliff Camping should be on every adventure seekers “Bucket” list!" Ah, let me think about it and I'll get back to you!
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
It’s your own book
But you don’t toe the line!
You ignore your own religion
But demand to control mine!
You deserve no credit
As far as I can see
Except that you excel
In blatant hypocrisy!

You wave your flags
And lionize the Old South
With things Jesus never said
Coming out of your mouth.
It’s almost like your mind
Is now permanently delirious,
Though you still demand that we
Should all take you serious.

Just like a guy in the local park
That seemed to suffer a mental pox,
The difference is, unlike that man
You don’t stand on any soapbox.
But both of you babble constantly
With precisely the same vanity
That the madness you spew
Should be accepted as sanity.

Neither of you care to understand
That spreading untruths can destroy
The wisdom of experience we have.
It blinds people to the precious joy
Of sharing love for love’s own sake;
Accepting people as blessed as you,
And as deserving of your good wishes,
Hoping their best dreams come true.
Pride is good.
Fear is bad.
But it's velocity that makes me sad.

Here I come.
False alarm.
Tents and fireworks to keep me warm.

Well, I can't say, what I don't know.
What's a ship without a captain after all?
And I can't preach, what I don't pray;
As I fall for every empty word I say.

And I wander, too.
And I wonder, too.

I stole a dream.
I wrestled a bear.
I watched the sun go down in Lincoln Square.

I stood upright.
I flexed my chest.
A heart in agony I went to bed.

Now here I come. Down the hall.
I keep my front door open after all.
But I can't preach, where I don't pray.
And I fall for every empty word I say.

And I wander, too.
And I wonder, too.

In the clouds - will I need a reason?
In the clouds - will I need to brag?
I can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.

— The End —