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Killan Sep 2019
They will tell what they see
but it's not the real story
things are better off unsaid
for im a lier in bed
revising the stories in my head
to make them believe of the things I've said
for what I said will be the truth
and the truth will be the lie
Killan Sep 2019
would you notice my pain
if your too focuse on your fame
would you be ashamed
to feel the same
it is crawling to my vien
until it reaches my brain
help me release from this chain
an unfair melody came
it took you from me in a flash
and cut your throat with a slash
with all the money we have
would it be enough?
for our life be like a candy plastic-wrapped.
thanks bj Donovan, for the tittle,
Killan Mar 2019
storm is coming our way
it's anger is an unbearable game
strike everything that block its way
every words, lakes dry
every moves, birds can't fly
raindropa into my eyes
help me,
for this pain will take my life away
Killan Mar 2019
I want to be an astronaut
travelling thousands of light years
just to see another world,
where i hope to find another you,
which can love me like i do

it would take a long rough years of my life,
but that would be worth it,
if in that parallel world,
we will never be a parted.

— The End —