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RobbieG May 24
If your mind is full
with an abundance of ****
plant some good thought seeds
Daniel Cuzzo Nov 2020
My professor always liked the poems
that said I was full of ****.
I could always make someone laugh,
when I confirmed it.

And for half a decade I’ve been knee deep,
afraid to walk away, engaged in the parts of me
that won’t allow you to stay.

I’ve become much more humble.
I’m better at admitting I’m wrong.
have developed a sense of humor,
enough to turn this into a song.

As it prevents me from gathering energy,
creating exits within a labyrinth of fallibility,
I wonder at the irony of my own:
still attached, though three days have gone.
Yes I DID just get philosophical about ****.
Poetic T May 2020
gags as lifts shoe
  full aroma
of hidden present
Bhill Feb 2019
Dogs have habits, you bet they do.
They run and play, then eat and poo.

They Sleep all day, zoom, zoom all night.
They bark and bark, at something in sight.

They wait at the window or wait by the door.
To say hello to their people with eyes we adore.

Let's go for walk, they seem to be saying.
Really, oh really, that's my kind of playing!

They love without boundaries, they give the same way.
They are really true family and never, never betray.

Without them we are lost, so much that it hurts.
Pay attention to their habits, life with them, JUST WORKS.

Brian Hill - 2019#42
Nomkhumbulwa Jan 2019
It wasn't the best birthday,
Not that 39 is exciting anyway,
But I wasn't quite prepared
For what my brain threw my way today

What is even the point?
In turning 39?
Next year Clare and I are going to Ethiopia
- to sneakily go back in time ;)

38 was old enough
But still not quite that bad
39 is a lot more daunting
For there are no more "30's" to be had

But a few days ago I met a friend
Who just turned 70 last week
What was even more shocking
- she is still much fitter than me!

Her grandson is now 17
I once taught him to bake cakes
Back when I shared her house
Duncan was at primary school for goodness sake!

I don't know if Clare feels the same
About this weird age to become
Or whether as some say its just a number
My 70yr old friends are forever young

I have so much admiration for Clare
With her determination to succeed,
She does make me feel younger
Although turning 39 is still **** - it must be agreed :/

But I was determined to make the best
Of the last year beginning with "3"
Although I dramatically failed
Got dressed, panicked, then ate grapes until tea...

I did let down Teresa
I admire her so much too
We were supposed to eat cake
And how I miss our conversations about poo..

But here I still am
Dressed for both Africa and the North Pole
Required a walking pole to get to the pub
With snow turned to ice - it wouldn't be pretty to fall...

But I finished my day with a whisky
A wee dram to still being 30 something
A single malt Aberlour came to my rescue
To compliment the huge amount of Diazepam

I shall try again tomorrow
Looking forward to seeing Carryn again
So I officially cancelled my birthday
And tomorrow I will try again

But my goodness how Im so grateful
To some very special friends
Here in Aberdeen,
Mary and Glyn are those friends

My brain tortures me frequently
And today we had so many plans
They all went down the toilet
Quite literally (!) but gladly from the right end..

So generous are my adopted family
I can never be grateful enough
For putting up with my panic
Understanding my brain says its "had enough"

It might have been a ****** birthday
But I don't know where i'd have been
If it were not for Glyn and Mary
And their endless compassion and understanding.

To all my friends - sorry for being "weird", and I really do appreciate all your kindness with all my heart.. ❤️
Well - it kind of says it all really :/ Wrote this as I come to the end of a difficult birthday which I shall attempt again tomorrow!   But also to show my deep appreciation for such good friends.
Donna Sep 2018
Pigeons in a tree
All resting on one tree branch
Pooing on a car
Been to work today with my Dean cleaning up a big drive and saw three pigeons in a tree and the neighbour next door wasn't please as they been pooing on his car ,  it did make me smile but I did feel for the owner of the car too **
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
I had constipation,
I took a laxative,
I could not sleep,
I tossed and turned,
Wife gave me sleeping pill.
You guess what happened.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
It drains down my pants,
Issues without a warning,
My diarrhoea.
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