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Donna Sep 25
Pigeons in a tree
All resting on one tree branch
Pooing on a car
Been to work today with my Dean cleaning up a big drive and saw three pigeons in a tree and the neighbour next door wasn't please as they been pooing on his car ,  it did make me smile but I did feel for the owner of the car too **
Is it possible too **** and ***
everyplace on everything?
My wonderment will never cease
the reserves they're holding back
just when you think, it's over with
no ****, or ***, they lack
I had constipation,
I took a laxative,
I could not sleep,
I tossed and turned,
Wife gave me sleeping pill.
You guess what happened.
It drains down my pants,
Issues without a warning,
My diarrhoea.
Mr Uku Feb 17
My friend Sue
Did a great big poo
In the middle of the street
Cos she couldn’t find a loo

Now she’s locked in jail
Where she poos in a pail
So please learn a lesson
From this very sad tale
The lesson is, don't poo in the street.
Some people have been trying to find the metaphor in this poem. There isn't one. I don't understand them. It's just about poo.
Ahh the morning springs eternal
the glorious light through cedar trees
out onto the lanai, my coffee comes with me

The portal slides open wide
my bare feet stepping into the light
right away, I could tell, something wasn't right

Fore there I am, bliss fleeting from my face
one foot out the door, squishing neath my toes
the squirrels left me a present, wafting

too my nose
Nasty little f*#kers, it was like "Welcome to the neighborhood, Sucker!"
And no, I didn't actually step in it, but! It was close! ;D
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Both are similar,
Both have content matter,
Both save hassles,
One in communicating,
The other from washing,
Both have to be checked often,
What is going to happen,
One to see what is up,
The other to check what is the pile up.
What are they, "Sirs."
They are Whats app and pampers.
Both what's app and diaper have something in common.They need to be checked often.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
I need time, time
too, relieve my behind
and I need some TP
to wipe me clean

My mamma said, "you can't hurry poo"
No, you'll just have too wait
trust in your bowels
no matter, how long it takes

Now break!

How many times, must they knock
before they let me be, droppin these rocks
Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on
stressing and straining, until their gone

My mamma said, "you can't hurry poo"
No, you'll just have too wait
trust in your bowels
no matter, how long it takes
To the tune of "Can't hurry love"
Yes, I do bastardize songs :D
zebra Nov 2017
two ladies
dressed to ****
give me a shiver
give me a thrill

they kiss each other
their mouths pink and bright
tender and cruel
a kiss then a bite

******* brush soft
*****'s get wet
hands ***** *******
drools like a pet

******* explode
spasms and creams
hands touching thighs
sizzling dreams

oh they love
all candy and ***
shadowed eyes
lips like ***

ones a *****
the other her queen
then they switch
kiss and scream

its hotter then hot
a burning **** sun
melting butter slits
a tempest of fun

doing the rumba
pretty dance feet
swaying hips
gawd its sweet

lovely behinds
moving in place
what i want always
is ***** mouth face
Temporal Fugue Oct 2017
I took it to the Psychic
she told me, it, knew all
I took it to the Psychic
she lives, just down, the hall
She examined and she prodded
under a ventilated hood
She prodded and poked away
and told me, it was good
She told me I was destined
the greatest poet, I will be
She told me I was destined
then she flung my poo, at me
Ewwww, just wandering ;D
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