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Kem-Ann Jan 2017
as i grow older
   i see things way deeper
   than its meaning
   you see...
   home isn't just a home
   some are made
   with body,mind,
   and soul

   happiness isn't just a feeling
   some are choices
   and some are simply made with tiny voices
   gifts aren't just things
   some are spent with time
   and some are made with words that rhymes

   that's how we conclude on life
   as we age, we get its value
   may it be
   literal or poetical.

Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
There loomed a certain belief,
One that exhaled soon as she passed.
A sudden urge that fizzed over soon as the bottle opened.
Now granted you can still drink a soda once it's shaken
Most would replace desire for that of another, the discord
Of being splashed in the face by the very desire one in the same.
Drops of truth splashed everywhere seen as backlash, a sort of wrath
Spoken but never heard.
There was something about the contour of the bottle,
Fixed thoughts filled in ovulation.
Everything kept inside.
A certain vengeance that loomed in bliss.
If not handled carefully doom was immanent.
Each time she walked passed he'd shake the bottle more vigorously.
A cold fizz that quenches every desire steadfast with reality.
Curious he looked at the bottle, wanting to quench this need
He placed his hands on the top slowly unscrewing.
Her eyes connected with his, everything paused.
For the first time in a long time everything was beautiful
Sharing a brief look relaxing his shoulders.
He untwisted the top, for a moment she sighed
Feeling a release she hasn't felt in a long time.
His hand smooth against the contour of the bottle
He placed his lips against the bottle easing her to quench this thirst he's waited so long for.
This urge that dried the well of his throat.
She refused him the pleasure of her, keeping her fizz to herself.
Now he knows what it's like to be on the outside looking in
Anoushka Chawla Mar 2016
My silence is not, and does not
Represent, the inadequacies of
my adeptness and my knowledge,
Nor does it undermine my capabilities
Of paraphrasing primary thoughts
In verbose, scholarly manner, no,
It does not, can never, didn't ever
Mean that I am not opinionated,
For it is upon my discretion
Whether you are worth debating with.
Tatiana Nov 2015
Sometimes your dreams
have a greater density than water
and they sink into the depths
of one of the great oceans
that swirls and rages in your mind

Yet sometimes your dreams
need to be listened to
no one has empty dreams
they are as deep as your ocean like mind
you may not understand now, but you will

Sometimes your dreams
leave you waking up with one phrase
one little piece of advice
and no matter how much you want to sleep
you get up out of bed

Sometimes your mind is raging
and your heart is as heavy as a rock
that has a greater density than your mind
but those dream words speak to you
don't let your sadness skew your point
*of view
"Don't let your sadness skew your point of view" were the words in my dream last night and they have stuck with me all day. It's true though.
Natasha Aug 2015
my legs are so weak but they are still stronger than my mind

this illness I fear is making me blind

I do not understand this, everyone is always so kind

but that does not matter, or so I find

because even though a light inside me once shined

there is a happiness that will always have to be pined
harmony crescent Jun 2015
I know what it's like
to see the other point of view
on life

You love it now
but you won't later

It hurts you
There is no one you can trust
On the other side

So please turn back around again
Oliver Sireen Jan 2015
No matter how many papers we write, protest we have, and laws we pass, we will be surrounded by Hatred. Hatred isn't just a emotion you feel. It's in everything we do and say. It's the voice telling you who ur suppose to be. It's society defining u in numbers. Hatred is this world. It doesn't make sense to me becuz we're created to be an individual standard, yet we're always trying to fit into a standard. But out of all the never ending hatred, inequality, unfairness and agony, only u can define yourself. You have a short amount of time on this earth. Be the change you wish to see
It's your choice

Don't follow others unless u ACTUALLY deep down really want to
Peeka Jul 2014
It's my point of view, let me tell you-
Take it or leave it, know what you want
Move on, get things done
Appreciate everywhere you've gone
Follow a path of your own, hold on.

Embrace the customs of others
We're all brothers
Forgive, don't forget
People often regret what was once said.

Remember your alluring, keep on track
If you swerve off, bring a map
Speak the truth
Respect your neighbor, accept a truce.

Keep in touch with confidants and family
Stray from apathy
Open your heart
Be confident in your art.

Laugh and cry
Aim for the best- at least try.
Look at the world through someone else's eyes.
Valuing perspectives makes you wise.
jerelii Jul 2014
1."What you do is who you are."
    (" 誰であるか.")

- The actions you carried is the person you are claiming to.

- You swallowed your own words for insulting other people and that will come back to you

- You share blessings and a lot of opportunities will come to you or double the prize will reward to you

- "Don't judge the book by its cover."

- "Do unto others, if you want others do unto you"

- 2 types of karma: a good karma & a bad karma ( you can't predict when will it hits you but be careful on your actions and words cause we don't know when will it happen )

2. Contemplating Within You

- You can't get back to where it belongs but you can only stand for it and move on. ( you can't get back to those happy moments when you're still a kid because the Almighty up above planned your life to where it should be. You should learn and not be afraid to commit mistakes because every fall you had is an ounce of every foot steps you would take & to look forward in your life that you should never be frown to it. If God gives you that kind of events or things in you, you should humbly accept it and be brave to take its challenges cause you are stronger than that )

-  There's always a reason for every thing and everything just happen for a reason.

- "Be honest with yourself."

- "Love yourself as much as you love thy neighbors."

- "Open your eyes and look for right." 'Be the light by One Ok Rock' ( Maybe this is the best line in a song that i'm looking to. And may apply it to ourselves as well )
I might add this one.
July 7, 2014

— The End —