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Kem-Ann Nov 2018
She's been keeping everything in,
soul now filled with pain
till all of it has been
spilling around her skin
society's noise
supplies her anxious mind,
left with no choice
but let silence be her only voice

even when happiness
speaks her lips

she is keeping everything in
pain is seen
around her skin.

-kem ann
after months of being idle, i decided to write again.
pages later, i completed my journal and this is the last page.
my 110th write up for the year.
Kem-Ann May 2018
I know you so well,
when something is wrong
I easily can tell
the way you stare
the way you speak
your tone
your eyes
tiny details
I'm seeing it big
so when you told me you don't love me that way
I believe it's true
for I know you so well
and now
I wish I never did
  Jan 2018 Kem-Ann
I put apart the yellows and the blues
fix my blemish, curl my hair and got new shoes
zip the skirt up and on my tiny waist
with trimmings of white and some expensive lace

I wore grand mother's pearls and a diamond ring
I wore a smile and a purse with a sling
My lips red and sparkles in my eyes
I wore a voice so sweet it never dared to tell lies

"she's really a beauty " they whisper and say,
"I think it's cause she lost all that weight."
nails all polished, clasped hands to pray
"I really hope they will love me this way."

I've  gone too far to be something of your fancy
I've turned into pretty but it's me you can't see
those days carefree, those days i miss
but you will never love me like this.

you will never love me when
the yellows and blues I can't seem to put apart
but I pride myself for having a bigger heart
when my curls have faded and my shoes are broken
and the trimmings and lace run loosely unwoven

I want  you to love me  when
I speak of  pieces I hold
the stories and truth  from surface unfolds
like pearls that held memories of my dead grandmother
and a big diamond ring from an unfaithful lover

Cause it's hard to love me when
my lips are dried pale mumbling rude curses,
and  I only really buy second-hand purses
my eyes only sparkle cause I'm holding  back a tear
and my voice may be sweet but it could lie too, I fear.

So i guess im back to putting on a pretty dress
Stitch up the laces and clean up my mess
Keep a sweet voice with something nice to say
Cause maybe you'll only love me this way.
Quick poetry while lining for a black friday sale cause its a good way to let time pass. Haha how you all doin
Kem-Ann Jan 2018
You are the moon and to everyone that matters, the constellation. They may seem absent but keep this in mind that they are always there -surrounding, evolving, moving around you. Yet just like you, they too feel sometimes, you are nowhere near from them.

Know that we are all the same, there are times when we shine and there are times when we don't. And when we don't it makes seeking present. We look around. Some even look back. And seeking is normal. Never put it in shame or fear for this is what makes us similar.

Like anyone else, we look up to the one shining for us at our darkest.

-kem ann
Kem-Ann Nov 2017
Mouth says, just friends
yet lips are touching, speaks different

words, shows pushing
bodies, cry pulling

you, a puppet of mind
while I'm for whatever's beating inside

emotions don't coincide
but acts, otherwise

as though, hearts have collide
as though, stars have conspired

maybe of friendship
maybe, not

I don't know really
So, let me settle with the maybe
kem ann
Kem-Ann Nov 2017
She's falling for the eyes, the smile,
the mystery - Everything he is

She is hoping, for his love to surround
for him to come around

Her patience faded,
and her loving too

A year later, completely moved on,
No sadness in sight, contended with life

Anxious, He came,
Wishing, asking,

Her hands, he's begging
all she ever long for, finally here

but exactly a year ago,
she left it all behind

and this,
she's holding, no longer beats for him

If only she waited, if only he rushed
or so the story goes

She loved a soul, once
and she never fell for him


Kem ann
should we blame time?
Kem-Ann Sep 2017
Tears roll down,  
Seeing you in center aisle
People you love, surrounds
Piano sings stay, Heart screaming
"Please stay, just stay around"
Hardest moment I've ever been,
With your face so proud,
Not even worries are found
Song continues, As "say it ain't so" plays,
Singing "I'll stay awake for all these hours,
if it makes you stay"
Remembering, how we used to sang
the words in sync,
these lips trembles as i mentally sang it's lyrics
"lay with me for company so i know, you won't let go,
rest your head upon my chest, keep you close,
just don't, say it ain't so"
Who would have thought this day would come,
standing here, certain than the rising sun,
I won't be able to have you again,
not even in moments or in my holding
so much in pain facing you
this flat and plain,
Laying down in white,
with flowers now purple as your heart
"running out of time, seconds in my mind,
feeling so confined, I let you down but I will come around"

My love, farewell for now,
this is your calling, your end somehow.

-kem ann
for you - for your death.
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