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Tizzop Aug 3
red promises floating above you
voicelees goons in this plane, scary
boobas take the trans am, no doubt
3:05 am and you'll be takin it there

extincting crews strenghten courage
black and white days forge memories
across the destination, our enemies
prepare for death, my friend, die

catchers roam the streets like rats
manhattan everywhere, murderous cats
24/7 keeps people awake for sinning
90 billions a day spent on parties

foggy perception like raves and pills
vibes are killing the innocent and guilty
judgment day for all the heavens exploding
final destination, open faces, heavy hangovers
Today it's all poppin.
Tizzop Apr 13
fellowship of doom
rivers loaded with the dead
memories of being fed with a spoon
mental illnesses to be spread

his name is rainbow goon
you find him in levels of twisters
within the thoughts of his sisters
within the fear of his brothers

shattered memories friendships
nobody knows when his end is
right now rainbow goon is writing
on his black arms with white ink

rainbow goon rainbow goon
greed in the eyes of the noon
his face looks like a cartoon
multicolored iris and speed

mentality of hate and rage
fate of a mutant heavy body
every being has a story
rainbow goon rainbow goon
Today is a good day.
Sakif Hossain Mar 2019
What keeps you going?
It is the promise that distant future gave?
Is it the dream that you cradled from the start?
Is it those responsibilities that keeps you pushing?
Or is it that promise you made to yourself?

Whatever fuels you, you have to go on...
Hurdles can divert you, but can never derail you
It only makes the journey fun..

Quitting is not for you!
That pedestal of immortality is yours for the taking...
You have to instill despair in the heart of those haters...
You my friend, have to go on..
You owe it to yourself!
Own your destiny!!!
Heck is there a destiny??
It's all in your hands...
Ysabel Jun 2016
Dont give up on your dreams.

— The End —