Samantha Lee Mar 25

To all of the nameless...
faces in the crowd at an event
your unity is endearing
it's currency and time you have spent

To all of the nameless...
wanderers sleeping outside in the cold
your fight to survive is empowering
spirit the only thing that remains unsold

To all of the nameless...
users who've surpassed last call
your denial is where the battle begins
a war cry against substance and ethanol

To all of the nameless...
children who lack a daily feast
your hunger no fault of your own
basic human rights have been breached

And to all of the nameless...
believers giving life to cause
your actions are restorative
but we must hold off on applause

When people are united &
hunger and struggle still exist
efforts must be given
until the problems are fixed

Samantha Lee Mar 16

Simple joys we owe to ourselves
a debt not always so easily paid
people will try to pay this debt for you
but it's not a currency so easily made
it's when a melody grabs you by the shoulders
and twirls you around
when you find the answer to a question
you thought might never be found
that feeling you get when you see
your favorite shade of blue
truly, this debt lives inside of you

Samantha Lee Mar 16

They talk about those cliches
the "one who got away"
he ripped off his chains,
and threw them down
while planning his escape
the moat, it was guarded
the barriers had been built,
the castle walls
too high to climb,
compact with sand and silt
this is what seems to happen
when an escape is poorly planned
they often end up
stripped of skin
and buried
in the sand

This is what comes out when your heart is broken and you are four books deep into Game of Thrones
Samantha Lee Mar 15

The glowing halo of an orb
painted in the sky
created with a mystic message
delicately placed between each line
the secret refuge of a whitewashed dream
mystery cloaked within
brush strokes actualize desire
and the shadows of a moonlit gleam

Samantha Lee Mar 15

Her feet remain
planted in pain
roots torn
placed deep within
a depression
in the soil
dug quick
without concern
covered in mud
watered by tears
her roots
become one
with the earth
as soil
eases her fears

Samantha Lee Mar 10

I'll be that person
to push you away
if what you want is to go
I could not ask you to stay
always looking to grow
what you need is your own
time to refill your heart
with all the love you have shown
knowledge of self is important
to know and to be
you cannot climb the latter
if the first you cannot see

Samantha Lee Mar 3

The smell of passion
rolls off him in waves
gently covering her pillows
a morning scent she craves
like coffee on Sunday morning
may be not necessity
an aroma floating bold
comfort brewing in immensity
arousal of the senses
stimulation of the mind
delectable and refreshing
a pleasure so refined

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