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felixmae Nov 2020
she reminded me of pennies
two faced
and in everybody's pants
Jay M Aug 2019
When you are alone,
With me by your side,
You talk and you talk,
Making me believe
That girl is sweet,
But that girl is cold,
Spilling innards behind closed doors,
When they open,
People walk in,
I'm a rag-doll,
You throw me around,
Terrorizing me, I dare say,
A slap to the face
From Miss Two-Face

What am I to you?
A tool - that's obvious,
But I thought we were friends,
How naive am I?
I'm an ear,
I'm an easy trusting fool,
Always a tool,
How cruel..

When I try,
You shoot me down,
I'm the idiot,
You're the mastermind,
So I wouldn't mind
When I'm put in my place,
By Miss Two-Face..

You're like a sister,
So there's no running away
From your fists,
Or your words,
No escape,
But then again,
There never was.

- Jay M
August 3rd, 2019
cristy May 2018
The creativity i once had is gone
and i am left with my minds ashes
to identify who i am and what is special about my dying heart.

The excitement i once felt has completely faded and i can no longer see where i am going or what the future holds.

My happiness has vanished and i am tired of trying to be the person i once was.

I fell down this hole faster than an elephant falling of a cliff ,
and the only way to get out of it is being someone i despise.

What a shame there is no easy way up.
open to criticism
Lovhat3 Jun 2017
I've had enough
Your love
Your care
You sweet talks and lovely stare

I've had enough
Of you face
Your attitude
Your words
Your insolent way of thinking
Your racist joke

I've had enough
Let me die
**** me twice
But you'll never change
Nite Oct 2016
There is a man
Who likes to pretend
That he's pure and holy
When really his mouth only spews out baloney

                                      These hands of mine,
                           a thousand men have bested
                                  and thrice that the ladies
                                       they have pleasured!

This man likes to wear all white,
And on his head he props a halo.
He hides his forked tongue in plain sight
With which he claims to be a fine ole fellow

                                     These friends of mine
      All shapes, all colours, every walk of life
                                             All indebted to me
                                                 Oh! Without me,      
                                     they couldn't survive!

But like the viper in Aesop's fable
Your trust he repays the only way he's able
With your paramour he'll try his luck
Rejected he'd say "All I wanted was a free ****"

                        No matter, for with any luck 
                             The old lady will let me out
          There are girls who've taken my buck
    And they'll take it again without a doubt

So of this false angel be wary
A conscience he has not
Web of lies and deceit his main plot
For he has no friends only quarry

                              *Here lies A
                     Certainly a class Act
           For when the reaper came to play
            You can be sure no one wept
Words in italics/bold by the awesome, one and only  jalc! Thank you!!! U can view more of her work at

— The End —