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She cheated on me
With a guy that
Could speak Russian
Then he left her broken hearted

The lady I am falling
In love with
Is Russian
My heart once again repaired
It’s strange how an American that spoke Russian ended my last relationship and my girlfriend now is from Russia
The thing we once were
A romantic tapestry
Is now in pieces
Scattered upon the floor

I've gathered myself
Leaving you behind
We will always be separate
Though we fit together at one time
As the sun begins to crest the horizon,
Your eyes adjust to the rays of the new day.
You only have two options as you lay there.  The fewest that you'll have to ponder over that day, but the most important, Shall you wake up, or will you resist it holding on to the past.
Know though just one will reign, fighting what has already occurred will inevitably fail, accept the future, take that first step, and know you gave your all the day before. Always remember the best things in life come from a chance, a leap, a prayer.  It's blind faith you're making the right decisions. Will you let fear and failure rule your life, or accept it and know when you close your eyes at night you gave it everything you had.  Will you let it dictate your life, your happiness, your future. It's your choice... What will it be?
You're beautiful on the outside
Which is easy to deceive
Your beauty on the inside
Is like a rancid disease
You thought I treated you unkindly
Though I gave my heart to you
My love was real and gentle  
Now my love is gone that's true

It is you that broke our love
Our friendship you refused
I will never forgive you for this

I regret that I forgave you
Letting you feel satisfied
It's you that I hate now
The one I truly despise

I now hate you so deeply
I will never forgive you again
Sadly I love you
Though I hate you
With all my heart
It's hard to explain the feelings I have
If I had to choose it would be you
You're the one I will always belong to
Though now I must move on
Faking true love to another
She will never know my sorrow
Bottling it up and hoping it's never unearthed
You were my sunrise
My perfect start to my day
Until we meet again
Goodbye my love
This is me finally letting go.  If you love something set it free.
As the nights
Pass by in darkness
The emotionless
Romance I bring
To bed
My heart embraces
The cold feeling
Numbing me to
The core

I have forgotten
What it
Feels like
To be entangled
By the one
I truly love
One day I want
To remember
The warmth of
The rays
Of a rising sun
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