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Adrian Jan 28
the sun drips beautiful colors

red, orange, yellow, white, even pink

it makes grass greener and life sweeter

sweat on my brow has never felt this good before

withered is sadness, new life created from inside my soul

born ready for moments like these, but unprepared for the rest
Adrian Jan 28
winter slows

my desperation grows

I cry for help

shunned, like the color green in the cold

check up on me

just visit

maybe a "how are you, for real?"
  Jan 17 Adrian
Alex Smith
A mind full of patterns
In every which way.
And cycling
On my walls.
Waves of colors burst
And I forget myself.
Fly into my spiritual dimension
And ascend.
Then it ends.
And I feel some clarity
And comfort
Wash over me.
  Jan 17 Adrian
I am just searching for someone
To fall in love with
Because it is that feeling
That I miss.
Adrian Jan 17
I'm holding it in
my pain
my sorrow
my distrust
my insanity
my fear
my anger
my uncertainty
my... ***

I have a problem, bottling things up
Adrian Jan 17
When was the last time

You felt completely at ease?

For me

Five months.

My constant stress is

unsurmounted .

My desires are unattainable.

Everything is just

Out of reach.

I am over...




— The End —