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O' how dark is the world t'day
So morbidly gray
But o' here comes the sun
Shining down through the clouds
And you are there to soak it up
And wish he were there
Colors swirl beneath eyelids
Humidity in the atmosphere
Raindrops in vivid dreams

Another restless night
For a restless soul
Filled with hopes

Wide eyes
And blurry scenery
Birds sing and crickets chirp

Why are you not there
Almost nonsensical
Love is like a cigarette
I t        b u r  n     s

Unless you keep it lit
Keep it lit kids

All I can say is that you fill me with a pure sense of
And I have never felt so strongly and surely about
Anything or anyone
You bring bliss
You embody euphoria
And if I could put my love into words
I would
But all I can say for now is this:
    I love and appreciate you and I
                    always will

All I know now
Is that I know something I didn't before
I want you to know
I want to grow in love
With you
All you had to say was
And everything changed
All you had to do was approach me
And everything changed
And I only feel butterflies now
And a sense of calm
You look like coming home
Everything has shifted
Tell me why I feel as though
You're the one I've been missing my whole life
And tell me this is not all in my mind
All you had to say was
And everything changed
Everything was put into perspective.
Yup, you're a special one. And yup, especially to me.
Side note: thank you B.A. for encouraging me to write again and for giving me the idea. And thank you for the parts.
It is worth the risk
It is worth the fall
It is worth everything
To give my heart
To give my soul
To fall deeply
In love

I am willing
And I am open
And I am ready
To take the fall
To take the risk
To give my heart once again
What's the point in denying anymore? It's an overpowering feeling. And he makes me feel so calm. And it's just euphoria.
He made me smile
And he kissed my hand like a gentleman
And he sang in the car
And made me laugh
And said he loves me
And I had never felt more at home
Than when I was in his arms
Or sitting on the balcony with him
Or sipping wine
And watching a strange old movie
And I love him too.
This feels so new to me now, but I love the way I feel around him and when I think of him
She possesses a soft
Heart and a wild
She is fragility and
Danger wrapped into one
She has fire dancing
In her eyes and water
Crashing in her bones
She is her warrior
And she has fought many
She desires to be loved
But she has never been more
Full of fear than when she
Looked into his eyes

Protect her and love her
Fiercely for she can show you
Galaxies and untame your
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