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When will the sympathy come
For those like me
Saturating themselves with all the negative emotions they feel
Who never were permitted to release themselves from their own prisons?
your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard
the way it sounds makes me angry

when you just won't shut up
when you think you're so smart over something you know nothing about

just leave me alone,
you're not as great as you think you are.
I want to be Heard
but you don't listen to me
God, I want to be heard.
When I say I am mad,
When I tell you what bothers me.
I want you to LISTEN to me!!

I want to be Seen
but you don't look my way
I just want to be seen.
When I wear something nice,
When I wear nothing at all
I want you to NOTICE me!!!

I want to be Touched,
but you don't put your hands on me
I want you to touch me
When I lean into a hug,
When I'm starved for your attention
I want you to APPRECIATE me!!!

I want to be Wanted,
but you don't seem to want me,
or my words,
or my face,
or my body.
I just want you to WANT me!!!

But I could lay myself out for you,
naked and eager and beautiful and sweet,
and it's sad that
you would remain
entranced by anything else in the world
but me.
You make me kinda sad
You make me kinda mad
When ever I come on to you
And you don't want to ****

I wanna know the how
And all the ins and outs
To try to make you want me
But I haven't had much luck
And here I am,
Once again screaming out
But I fear that no one
Can hear me.
What if
They just don't care
It matters not the words I say,
Or how I scream out for a hand,

To help pull me out of the dark
Where I have so long resided.

It matters not how far I reach
Or how hard I long for a feeling
That doesn't threaten to destroy me,

The way of the world is such
That not a single soul emerges unscathed.
Hello friends,
Or friends I once knew,
How are you?

I wish I could reach out,
But the words won't come-
I'm long past seeing the light of the sun

All the people close to me
I can count on one hand
I forgot everyone else via my own command.

For that I apologize,
Sometimes I miss you guys.
And sometimes I wonder where you are and what you're doing with your lives.

Surely you're doing better than me,
Who can't find the words to say
Or the ***** to even begin speaking,

Perhaps you miss me, perhaps not.
For this is up to you,
All I can say now is that
You're friends that I'm glad I once knew.
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