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Now I see the sky

And before I had convinced myself that there was no sky to see.

There were no stars, and no sun.

The entire world was below at my feet,

And I had never thought to look up.

I no longer stare at the ground,

Because now I see the sky
I become fearful sometimes,
That I am my fear,
And my fear is me.
A terrifying thought,
That I should be my own end,
Or even that I will be.
I almost forgot what good days were,
That it didn't have to be extra to be extra special.

But today we are lazy,
And we are at home,
And we haven't done anything at all.

You're making food,
I am watching a movie,
And today has been a good day.
The warmth you lay out for me
In this new bed I know,
A blessing among the curses I once lived
And thought I was meant for,
I see clearly now
That the night will become day
And the weather will warm
To brighten my life with new flora
And new memories.
'But sadness is a gift, you see.
For we are given our sadness so that we might appreciate our happiness.'
insomniatrical Apr 2019
Love, you are mine.

Love, I am yours.

Love, you're alright,
Stay by my side.

I am always with you,
Stay with me too.

Guide me in the dark,
Be my shining moon.

Warm me with your summer light,
Burning like the sun.

And I shall do the same for you,
My heart and only one.
insomniatrical Feb 2019
I am 18 years old.  
How fascinating.
Doesn't it feel great...
To be an adult,
To be 18...
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