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Poetical Aug 2020
I like how the die was cast:
I know the last will be first,
and the first will be last.
Yet I worry about the future
because I've lived through the past.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Ode to her flannel shirt.

The dark horse screams.
The water mimics me.
The sunlight keeps us clean.
The night time keeps us lean
For what.
Inside of me?

Garrett Johnson.
End times for eternity snow globes.
Dez May 2020
The road is like the sea
If you don’t have a corse set
Who knows where you’ll be
That’s why I fret
For one day you’ll want to see
Then you’ll forget
And we will never be
So is it sand that our names are set
Or is our story in the stars for all to see?
Capriccio Dec 2019
It's not too crowded
Yet far too late in the day
For everyone to
React this way
It's not a sadness
It's a melancholy gladness

All this busy body bustle

   CLOSE lids
      And  just LISTEN

Don't Fret
Or shake
It's all you can take

You are not numb
Over blown or undone
You are One of Billions
In this crowd
Jen Sep 2017
She walks only to forget
The tears of her regret
Only to fret and get
The needs that are unmet
Maria Etre Aug 2017
I fear the day
my heart fails
to crack my ribs
with the
that shakes
all the way to my skin,
in the form of goosebumps
I fear the day
it forgets
to recognize
the heat of that flame
Nick Strong Jul 2015
Motionless trees sinister
In their silence
Images swirl of twisting pirates
Shapes and shadows stoop
Contorted, turn and beckon
A voice whispers softly
Of things that only darkness knows
Shivering, eyes deceived
Inspired by the classic The Fog
Isha Kumar Jul 2015
Mum, I have dreams
that I wish would come true.
That doesn't mean I neglect
the ones dreamt by you.

Dad, I have wishes
that I dream at night.
That doesn't mean I feel
that yours aren't worth a fight.

Mum, I know I am difficult
and that I nag and whinge.
But your words are sometimes painful
and often make me cringe.

Dad, I know I am different
and that I prefer being on my own.
But, you always misunderstand, thinking
that I like being alone.

Mum, I am sad
and I always hide my tears
because I am unable to fathom
what is it that I fear.

Dad, I am frightened
of something I don't know.
It mortifies me so much
that I find it hard to show.

I do love you both
and I know I rarely say it
because I feel I'm born in a world
where I shall never fit.
You get what you get,
So, dear child,
do not fret.
For life is oh so wild!
You never know what you'll win
or lose
in this ongoing gamble.
Another thing I did in English class.
RH 78 Jan 2015
The daily grind
Is on my mind
Not all the time
But on Sunday night
I will recite this rhyme
So I can sleep tight
And not fret
So I get
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