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Anne B Sep 2018
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
Olivia Choi Nov 2014
stop making me think that you care about me more than you really do,

stop holding me closer than you can handle and back away when you can,

because as much I want to be near you every second of my every day,

if all you're going to do is leave me in the end,

please stop

step back

and walk the other way.
it's raining and this is my first draft but I think it's alright
Olivia Choi Nov 2014
Tears crumple to the ground
But so do the raindrops

And as you can't tell the difference
In which one is which

One soul gone
In a storm of millions
Would not ever seem amiss
Olivia Choi Nov 2014
I think I'm letting go

I think that it's time

For your sweet melodies to cease

And my sufferings to die

Olivia Choi Nov 2014
a star that falls in love is in the most dire situation,

because they must sacrifice their existence to meet with another,

for when two stars come in the closest proximity as possible,

their ultimate fate is to collide and to explode into the darkness of the galaxies.

Anne B Jun 2014
Sometimes, I think
I could have been that girl
At first I thought I could have been the popular, pretty, pretentious
…                                                    ­        
I could be the centre
I walk past you and you could envy me;
I’m the one on the corner – the grey mouse

But as a grey mouse,
I think my perspectives have changed
I think I can see the faint contours of truth

I was always an unusual girl
Given the circumstances;
I should have broken down
Long, long ago
If I had believed in fate -
My aspiration date was due
long, long ago

And I
could have been

I could have been the girl who stormed out of the classroom, crying
I could have been the girl aching every day; every minute
But my sickness had holidays
I could have been the girl crying herself to sleep, every night
I could have been the girl making red art on her arms
I could have been the thin girl
I could have been the girl crunched over the toilet-seat

I could be the saddest face you have ever seen
But hope is my great illusion and my illusions
are sometimes better than life

So, I created another world for myself
to live in
So, I sold my soul for this
So, I gave up everything
But I lost nothing

When the sun sets
I’m still here

When the sun goes up,
I’m still here

An apple is still an apple,
even if it’s
eaten up;
Even if it’s rotten

A human is still a human being
with one less limb
But now the human is less of a human
You see,
there’s a scale
you can’t see
Step on the scale
Step off

I’m still me –
Even now
One less dream
One more forged smile

Sometimes, I think I could have been so much more
I think I could have been whole
If I was allowed to break down and cry
If I was allowed
to be

To be that girl, a little while
Maybe I too -
Could be saved

Oh well.
Anne B Jun 2014
The darkness will make you strong
I promise you
It won’t do you wrong
Then why do you sleep with the lights on?

They’ll all be gone
Once the nights are long
Darkness won’t do you wrong
Curtains are drawn
You are not asleep

Wetting your bed and then
staying up to weep
So that is life
Who knew growing up would offer such a mountain steep?
Again, again, again

Let go of the kitchen knife
When the sun has set
all eyes are black
Now you see the night as a potential threat
Wishing for the light to come back
But wait –
Dawn break is coming
Meet your fate

Don’t you hate –
the memories, humming to a different song
A song you once tried suppress
Now you’re staring down at your life
It’s all a mess
Even so

The glow
I guess,
Is not a shoe fit for your toe


Light covers everything;
Unwashed drawn curtains;
Midnight dances on the carpet;
Broken bottles;
Again, again, again
The kitchen knife;
Your broken bedside lamp;
Blood drops;
Wet cheeks;
- Everything the night covered up is brought into the light
Your wight can’t live in this sight
Can you follow?

So bright
Shut your eyes
You won’t have to fight
Daylight is not meant for your lie

"He's been dead for 48 hours," the police statement reads.

I'm thinking the night is another kingdom.

I'm trying out rhyme for the first time. It feels sort of cheesy, but it flows good as well. Again: I'm sorry I tag. But I'd love some feedback.
Anne B Jun 2014
So, we pretend we are all right
Cold faces, cold streets, cold weather
Hurry up, hurry up
Do something with your life, they yell

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’
‘Old enough to go to bed whenever I want’
Slowly turning away from the dream;
Staying up all night was just another disappointment

Well, growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
Growing up is being told ‘you’re too young’ by others
‘You can’t do it’ by your own mind
Wearing a smile and hoping for the best
Doing everything half-heartedly;
… even loving half-heartedly, and

Just step all over me
With your big feet
Fast-paced and cold faces and something to do with your lives;
Crush me under your feet –
turning to dust.

I'm trying to write. And I'm not watching the WC football matches.

— The End —