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Anne B Mar 2021
So I went home
Found a big, tuquoise box in the wardrobe
I thought I would find treasures from the past
Forgotten poems to amaze me

All I found, was a selfish, young girl
- feeding the fire that was
my depression /
My personality
at the time
I want to burn it all in terror anyone will find it.
Anne B Feb 2021
Burn those bridges, then
If you must.

Let them ******* burn.
Sometimes you gotta do.
Anne B Feb 2020
Poetry is for truth and emotions.
ugly emotions.
You can't just
censor people and
think they won't
do the things they write.
I think the curse words and depression words came back. K thx. - spring 2021
Anne B Sep 2018
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
Anne B Sep 2018
is left to find
We know it all
The explorers are dead

is magical anymore

We already know
we are going

And we're not leaving
We're conciled
to this part of the Universe
which we've already
managed to

The heat has arrived, to
   torch our land and it's too

comes to us.

AHB |  9.08.2018.
A poem about how we are slowly destroying the planet and how we seemly seem to do too little, too late.
Anne B Oct 2016
We were too
in love,
to see how
we turned
into mirror images

It’s so difficult, when
in euphoria;
in love, to
see challenges and
set boundaries.

**10. july 2016 – 23:16
Anne B May 2016
They say lightning does not strike the same place twice.

But a man named Roy Sullivan was struck seven times.

So don't tell me the world is fair.
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