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C Biluk Feb 16
She, was an invaluable treasure in my heart
I, was a calculated risk she would not take
C Biluk Jan 23
I've been here before,
washed away, in the rain
Stuck in the fjord,
somewhere, near the drain

When it's day, I can't see
At night, I can't breathe
Everything feels like
a big pile of leaves
Somewhere, near the drain

If I kick, maybe push,
..i've been here before
Somewhere, near the drain,
there used to be a door

When I was first born,
in those times before,
our parents built the drain,
and then built much more

They knew of such times,
when steel rain became haze
The will sun shine tomorrow,
we can live through today

And though time will wash,
leaves, into the drain
Kick, and push, to the doors
that bring you home again
May 2020.  Enjoy
C Biluk Nov 2020
I choose to love

Beyond the questions
Past indecision
I want you to know

I wish your happiness, always

We may be strangers

I will care, as long as I can
As long as that is part of me

May it never leave
Despite the costs
I will live with it
It is who I am

Peace and love, everyone

Yes, everyone.

— The End —