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Jul 7
"Lost boy, lost boy, where are you going?"
To the edge of our galaxy; a place for forgetting.
Second star to the right and straight on until morning,
Where time is still and reality is not coming.

With a watercan in hand and a trowel in another
The Sun in the sky, I come home to my garden of flowers
Watching them grow under sprinkles of crystal showers
Not seeking for returns like an unconditional lover.

As the Moon takes its reign and my garden falls asleep
The stars offer their presence, a company I'd keep
I tell them my secrets and they listen to me
To my uttered words of despair, faith and hopeless dreams.

I'm a prisoner of my mind and so I ran away
To a place called Neverland where forever I'd stay
Away from the world and my careless mistakes
Where my heart is full and not going astray.
Written by
Myka  19/F
   S Olson
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