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Emma Dec 2018
I just want to go deep into the hundred acre woods,
Take a left turn into neverland,
And live a jumbled life with jumbled people with a jumbled heart
Emma Dec 2018
Your laughter ropes me in
Like the tide at sunset
Yet strong enough to make me feel dizzy
Criss cross patterns on my heart, ripples on my skin;
The birds cry out a song of woe
As the ocean breeze carries me safely to shore
But I don’t want to return
So I go back in again.
Emma Dec 2018
You say I kicked you out of my life,
But really,
You stopped needing me long before I stopped needing you.
I was just the one of us who did something about it.
#breakup #need
Emma Dec 2018
My favorite Barbie doll is still my favorite Barbie doll when she isn’t wearing the dress she came with.
Emma Dec 2018
I often find myself thinking of what would happen if I stayed
And I often find myself thinking
That it would be nice
       -I guess you didn’t hit me hard enough
Emma Dec 2018
In the nightmares I have each night,
It is rarely you,
But it is always your words,
Your touch,
And your terror.
Emma Dec 2018
I took a photo of you
When you didn’t know
You were laughing loudly
And your dimples were in show
Your hands were folded properly
you were looking to your right
Your hair was light and messy
And your eyes sparkled with delight
I hold on to your photograph
As you hold on to her hand
A tear rolls down my flushed cheeks
And on your printed face it lands
I close my eyes and make a wish
A selfish one indeed
My heart is filled with love for you
But my mind is clouded greed
-I’m not usually like this x
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