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C F May 14
I think there are some
relationships which were doomed.
Doomed before you'd even begun.  

Some that you should not
have jumped so quickly
at the chance to be loved.

Some relationships where you
should have become friends
before lovers.

Maybe then you'd realise that
you were better off
C F Apr 22
I can feel myself getting
scared, you know?

Not that I'm scared of you,
or of us

But that I'm getting scared
of what I'm going to do
when I can't turn around and see you.

I don't want to feel like
the core of my soul
dropped out from under me
just because you're a
couple thousand miles away.

I need this distance.
I need to push away from you.
Just a little.

I need to feel whole again
and I'm sorry for that.

I really am.
C F Apr 22
We lay in bed at 4 AM,
planning out the future with
giggles and warmth.

Theres stories of
our  childhoods.

Full of rosy cheeks
and the stupid mistakes
we made inbetween the sheets.  

But our favourite story of mine
is how we couldn't realise
that we were
so close
and yet so far
from that stupid happily ever after.
C F Apr 5
"Your lips are so soft."
You said to me,
after our first kiss.

You nearly shouted it,
even though we were so
close that you could've whispered.

It was like
your mouth
and your mind
couldn't deal with it at the same time.

Your conundrum
might've delighted me.
Just a little.

Enough, anyway,
that I kissed you again.
C F Apr 5
I don't like to lie,
and I'll be the first to tell you that.

It's just something about fabricating a memory in someone else's mind that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

All that I can liken it to is,
stepping into another person's brain
and smacking everything until it rearranges into the way that I want it to be.

But, does it ever stop me?

It never stops me from telling someone
to have a lovely day,
that I'm honestly not judging every word they've said so far.

It hasn't stopped me from telling him
I love him too.  

It's like a broken faucet that I can't shut off,
I mumble the words without an ounce of consideration
for the weight he holds them to be.

But those are little white lies, right?
They're designed to make the other person feel better
and sometimes people need a lie to feel better.

So I tell myself, it's okay.
He needs this.

Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
C F Apr 1
With every step,
you and I
We make our beds.

In the piney mosses
that grows in the cracks
of tired sidewalks.

Near the nest of peels
and fallen flakes from
age old graffiti.

We walk against  
forgotten faces
of decrepit buildings.

You and I
We lay our heads here.
To dream of a world gone by.
C F Apr 1
Why are you sad?
    He asks the man in the mirror.

                                         I’m sad for the times that have passed
    And the times that I’ve missed.

                           I’m sad for the times I missed
    Because I was too busy being sad.

                          I’m sad for the people I love,
    As they age away into decay.

                              I’m sad for the people I’ve lost,
    Because I know they’re not coming back.

                                   I’m sad for what I know is coming
Because I know I can’t stop it.
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