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C F Mar 17
The kitchen?
A ridiculous container for all
The plastic utensils you'd need.
A spatula, tongs, weird fork thing?
Even a series of spice racks

The bathroom,
Holders for your toothbrush and paste
A caddie for all that shampoo and body wash
A rack on the back of the door for your towels

A shoerack
A laundry hamper
A series of picture frames and knickknacks
A few blankets
A set of decorative pillows many pillows.
No one uses them!
We all just move them before sitting.
It's ridiculous.

All of these things
Do a home make.

They're so incredibly inconsequential.

Yet, I dare you
Point me towards a home
For two or more
Which lacks these.

These are how you know
A life has been made together.
C F Mar 3
We've made it!
He's got that job
And I'm finishing my degree

We've got a dog
That loves us times three.

I have to work part time
And go to school full time.

I see you for an hour 5x a week.
We haven't had a date since last March.
I say we don't need one.
How can you miss what doesn't exist?
Forget the weekends-you're working.

I don't need attention.
I don't need affection.
I am self sufficient.
I am fine alone.

But hey!
We've finally made it,

This was the dream!
A good job
My education
A family of two.

We finally made it.
It's about time.
C F Mar 2
When I was younger
I once read a book,
That somehow connected with me.

It was bought by my mother
It was aptly named, What My Mother Doesn't Know

I'm quite sure my mother knew
Atleast most of what I was up too.
And I was all the better for it.

I still have the book,
I think I'll give it to my own child one day.
C F Dec 2020
I notice these Women.
They accept your nod,
Your word,
On sheer blind faith.

Because you've got something
Different from me
Between your legs.

I actually find myself jealous
Of the easy relationships
The automatic acceptance and

But then I realise,
Where, in God's name
Would we be
If I just let you

Take and take and take
Without a word.

I'd have to be a church mouse,
Silent and subservient.
And you know it!

You're happy with
My resistance
My thoughts
My own expressions.

We would have never taken
A single Step.
You said it,
And I heartily agreed.

Because I do
Call you out.
Question you.
Correct you.

How else could I
Learn from you?
Or you
Learn from me?

I'm not just a women
You're not just a man
We're learning as we go
And frankly I like relying on you.
C F Nov 2020
When I was little,
I was quiet and,
I towed the line.

But now I realise
a little too late
That I'm a natural.

I tow the line,
Ignoring what you've thrown
No matter how much it
Hurts or takes from me.

I'll tow the line.
It's what I was taught.
but I don't think this is what they meant

You can be high,
I'll be low.
I'll tow the line.

It's going to be finished,
The project will be completed.

Because no matter what it takes,
I will tow the line.

I can't
Seem to settle
For less.
C F Nov 2020
Smite. Fight.
I find myself angry at me.
I hope you're happy.
This thought strikes me often-
I want to crucify you.

Well done.

You've forced me to resort to relying on my old self.

I sincerely hope you've achieved the effect you wanted.
C F Nov 2020
I wait for you to see what you've done.  
I wait for you to speak.
You do.

But you don't acknowledge me.

You go at your own leisure,
Don't you?

I am blinded.
I scream, and shout.

But I only destroy what was.

I can't take the reins,
But I can no longer wait.
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