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I glimpsed you in the universe last night
A shimmering body revealed to me,
Made of Saturn's rings, and stars and heaven.
Resplendent in celestial light.
I felt you follow me on my walk this morning,
Each ray of sun, pebble, and leaf.
Sparkling dewdrops and breeze, your gentle apparition.
When fate forked out in front of me this day,
On the eve, of the anniversary of your death,
In the red heart of despair, and desperation
Your face was clear in my mind, and I would know it.
So that this time I may make a difference.
I think about you when I see a barefoot rider.
Or hear Fields of Barley or Is this Love.
Lime cordial doesn't taste the same.
And an egg is just an egg now.
Crying Little Birdy, dappled light and swaying curtains
Or alto voices that are lower than mine but just as bright.

I think about you when I use a dishwasher stick
That has the scourer with the detergent in it.
When I sit over the crack in a couch.
When it rains and it's cold.
When I have cold feet.
When I slip into cool sheets.

I think about you when Father Ted is on.
Imagine you in Paul Kelly songs.
When I smell cut wood, sanded back.
Or salt air.
Or see grey hair and weathered loved houses.
Or women in vests with lilac blouses.

I think about you in the water,
When I'm in the shower, or at the beach.
When it rains and when I drink.
In the blue and green and sometimes silver.
Or when I'm smothered in an unrequited love
That isn't yours.
You are the sea.
You are cruel.
You are cold.
And I love you.

— The End —