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Veda Laurenski Jul 2020
“Go be free.” I said

“It’s the right thing”
And instantly regret it.

"If you love someone set them free"
I lied.

"Be free to make decisions without having to factor me in"
Internally kicking myself.

"I thought about what I said and I'm sorry"

"I want you to consider me in your future"

"You were struggling and I was scared you'd leave, instead I  should have pulled you close to me and reassured you of my love"

"I understood what I did, and I understand it might take you some time, but I'm going to fight for us. I'm coming for us. I'm going to get you back"

"I love you, I'm in."
Veda Laurenski Jul 2020
Dreams we dream of you and me.
Dreams, a song we sing.
You dreamed our cottage by the sea
And a meal after a swim.

I promise I’ll come home for tea.
And a *** to cook it in.
It has a lifetime guarantee
And recipes for chicken.

Dreams we dream of you and me
Dreams a day of rest.
Paradise a prophecy
Two lovers manifest.
Veda Laurenski Jun 2020
It’s an angry girl music morning
In the good way
Channeling shakti through my veins
Out through my fingers
Power in my feet
Certainty in my voice
I feel like I can part the sea
With my words.
Divine feminine energy
My namesake,
Glorious victory
Through peace.
Worn on my sleeve
Like I’m curling a bicep.
Veda Laurenski Jun 2020
I am a musician
And a poet
And an artist.

I have the ear
And the mind
And the eye.

Which has qualified me to say,
Your heart and mind and physical design
Are beautiful in every way.
Veda Laurenski May 2020
Little things.
I keep you
Soft and held
And stroke your down.
That you may lay your cheek
Upon my chest
And rest.
We while away the hours
In tender caress.

My little doves.
I pray these moments
have you left
Podged with comfort
and warm content.
Safe inside my love.

Heaven sent to me.
I had not known peace,
Until you both were in my arms.
Veda Laurenski May 2020
In the water,
I find your face in the sacred geometry of the waves and the swirling of the sky.
Birds fly, whistling overhead.
I hear your name in the flutter of their wing
and sighs on the current of air,
When I conjure you to my mind.
Each parcel of rainbow light, your love.
Today the sand is soft and warm.
I let it stick to my legs and fall through my fingers.
Pondering this universe in the fractals of the dancing landscape.
Floating weightless and in love.
Veda Laurenski May 2020
History could hold
Clues to the mystery of
The mind and its way.

Take a moment to
Spend time in the memory
Of the day before.
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