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Elly Nerdstone


A C  Apr 2013
A C Apr 2013
Just because we walk around in different cloths doesn't mean we are different.
We are smart because we pay attention in class and do our work.
You may call us nerds but we are people too.
The people you call nerds will soon be cooler then you.
Nerds are just people who are smarter then you ever will be.
*NERDS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3
Allen Wilbert  May 2014
Two Nerds
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Two Nerds
saw you in the corner
someones lost daughter
walked over to you
me having no clue
expecting rejection
her beauty was perfection
sat down and said hi
she was a bit shy
bought her a drink
had no idea what to think
she was lost for words
we were just two nerds
pocket protectors and glasses
passing each other mystical gases
laughing at our silly jokes
lighting each others smokes
people couldn't help but stare
who cares if we're square
was this luck or fate
found me a girl,
I didn't have to inflate
she didn't care about my bad teeth
she only saw underneath
I didn't care about her zits
she had incredible ****
that's the story of two nerds
all other stories are for the birds