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NeroameeAlucard Feb 2015
A big planet
filled to the brim
with chozo ghosts
X parasite hosts
and things that want me dead
my power suit lost all the beams
missiles, energy tanks,
space jump, even additional armor is gone
I'm all alone on this world to conquer
but I don't have time for a bad fur day, I must get onto the impact crater....

Samus Log Entry 6/1/2119
NeroameeAlucard Nov 2014
I swear I'm dateable!
well that's debatable
because I'm a complete nerd with a bad record, yeah that's relatable

Anyway I might as well put my cards on the table
I'm a poet but you know this but I'm currently available
I'm unswayable, once I'm yours I'm yours
I **** at making first moves but I'll gladly open doors

Texts every morning? you got that
Want food? I'll go out of my way to buy that
Bad day? on my chest you can lay or in between your legs My tounge can play while I get rid of that headache
Need to cry? I'll be by your side
Cramping? heating pads n chocolate I'll provide...

Now ladies you may wonder... why have all my choices been so rotten?
Speaking for guys like me.. we don't get out too often.

Just having fun!
Jasmine Oct 2014
You make my cheeks burn brighter than Charizard's flame,
And make my heart beat faster than Sonic The Hedgehog on Green Hill Zone,
You calm me down like you're Lugia's song,
And you make me laugh harder than a boss level itself.

If you were the doctor I'd jump in the Tardis without a second glance,
And fight daleks and weeping angels just for the chance,
To grasp your hand.

Out of all the starter Pokemon,
I'd still choose you,
And never trade you away,
Not even for Mewtwo,

You're rarer than a shiny Pokeman and mean more to me than that,
You're hotter than Aiden Turner and Ash,
If you're Link then I'd love to be your Zelda,
The princess you save over and over.

Like Tetris itself you complete me,
You hold the key to my heart,
And I'd proudly go on a quest to reclaim Erebor if you were by my side.

I know this poem is nerdy,
But I hope you find it sweet,
Because I find without you,
My life wouldn't be complete.

Copyright© 2014 Megan John
All rights reserved.
This poem was written by one of my close friends Megan John, she wanted me to publish it for her. Hope you like it.

— The End —