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Ishudhi Dahal May 25
There’s a new reality show out
My excitation touches a certain height
And suddenly
I am off , says the light
You are welcome , gazes the darkness
Unluckiness approaches peak
mind says let’s have fun
Friends and love are on (online)
No internet coz light’s gone
Checks balance on my phone
Cheapest data is of ten
But i don’t know why my balance nine dot nine
Now no work what to do
Steps in imagination
Sitting straight as if doin’ meditation
Backbone bowed and pen as arrow
Deep ignored pain
On bone marrow
Lucky in love but god is treating
As if I am a vain
Same like rainbow after rain
My happiness is after pain !
Ishudhi Dahal May 25
I don’t know who is it’s creator
Whoever/whatever maybe god gifted nature
Or fabricated by creature
Earpods in ear
Noise cancellation on
Ready for adventure and calorie burn
Emma lying , flesh growing
Its an mind’s eye ( haha )
Every beats and flow in it
Taking me Niagara falls and sometimes Bahamas
Enjoying peacock plumage and mean time in the herd of lamas

If one song was a Cassette
Till date billions framed
I am sure with it’s reel
Can easily surround the earth
Coz  since its birth
Medicine for people
For whoever it be
If lives in cowshed or mansion
It’s free
Giving hope to survive
Messaging the importance of life and relation
Reviving us from anxiety boredom insomnia depression
Really works and one can feel
Thus proved music heals !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal May 20
A girl is born
They are happy
Hoping next one will be son
Next one
Also a girl
Parent’s are happy
But not society
Oh almighty !
God replies ,
‘’ Being boy like you is easy
Life’s good
maybe sometimes cheesy
Can pitch in makin’ decision ‘’
Rogered words
One acknowledged
Other knowledge-less
One tried to aware
Other are a way away
If boy’s wrong
he mistakenly did that
He is fair
In the girl’s facts  
She is falsifier
We boys too face some obstacles in deed
But definitely not suffer from half hour regular bleed
Should stay 4 days far a month like broiler hen
Far from parents care
suffered in 1 AM at night
suffocated for a glass of water
ordered to not to touch tap or filter
gazed on Banyan’s strips
ragged , whistled and horn beeps
Despite these ,
Bidya Devi Bhandari is President
Srinkhala khatiwada engineer
There are many such Bhandari Khatiwada’s
Showing us by their ability
We are no more living in
Male dominant society !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal May 18
(I tried once)x2
Acting against
This Opposing force
The more I jump
The more pain on ***
Put helium gas on loons
Sent far from the eye reach
But it outburst
Saying me your plan’s worst
   How ?
Can I manage to go against it in the end ?
By what means ?
Can I  be faster that 11.2 km/s ?
Or even equal to it ?
Or not even one tenth ?
So like this
There’s in my mind
Thousands of questions like blowing wind
And at last
Gravity wins !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal May 17
Emma not Salman Khan
Making my quarantine
Valentines in  house
No farmhouse to have
Jacqueline in
Okay !
Don’t wanna make it
That’s not my fate
To be in date
But I am like a garbage bins
Without my kiths and kins
Where are the moments ?
Watching movies and getting hyped
Happy in coca-cola or wine
But now it’s 55th days
Hadn’t seen their faces
So now I am messaging god
to pull off from this grave
By your grace
This glitch is enough
we learned how to live
Forgive us
We are in your need !
Hope you like it !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal May 16
Gah !
Homework dairy full
Coursework all over head
Reached home and
leaned freely on bed
So he start to procrastinate
feel diZzy doing assignment
Whether it’s of
Mathematics and environment
Moral science or health
For him
It’s a serious disease
destroying his ease
Postpone and delay
Pupils copying in relay
Uncaring the bumps of humps
Brother helping sister with her homework in bus -
To complete before reaching school gate
But he procrastinates !
Procrastination is the serious problem ! Leaving for tomorrow is probably the worst option!
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
Ishudhi Dahal May 16
Without you ,
How can there be sunshine -
In my eyes
Who can be there
Where my left ventricle lies
Complete but incomplete without you
I am sad happy but not happy sad
I am roughly fine but not fine
So you are the one all I own
Starting from dusk till dawn
Just mumbling
Ishudhi Dahal May 15
( Who can feel ? )
The struggle of people
Starving for food shelter
You ?
who gobbles peanut butter daily
You ?
Who’s having breakfast lunch dinner supper
You ; today salad tomorrow malt
Their ; empty sugar flask and salt’s
You ; mac Donalds pizza and rice half boiled
They ; rice flakes and no stock of oil
You ; Levi’s jeans and hilfiger’s belt
AC car and box bed
They ; old jeans you threw
Rope belts and bottle shoe
No bed to keep the head
Empty belly cheeks all red
Who can ?
I am little off these days ! So I was inactive for few days !
Ishudhi Dahal May 10
The more you get hydrated
The more I flow
I am only the one
Who starts from your head
Goes through nose
And settles in your mouth -
If lips are open ;
If not
Touching the edge
down your chin
Feeling the throat-beat
Covering your chest
I perch in navel  
I am sweet for those
who earn me by burning
Maybe sour to em
Who make by looting
make me roll isn’t easy
make me do so
majority of em run for gyms
Hardly any shovels and heaps
There’s my attendance
In presence of hammer or tongs
Or in conclusion of any decisions  
When yelling **** and bull story
Or while you forget to clear the history ;
I flow and I flow again feeling your body
Making you feel , to feel some air ,
Compelling you to off your hoodie
I am in love and in hate
I am sweat !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
( Mathematics was easy ) x2
When we used to spell it maths
Till it was limited to addition and subtraction
Instead of calculus and integration
when there’s  algebra and equation
Yes it was easy
When ‘’ ! ‘’ was just exclamation mark
‘e’ was just an alphabetic art
Till sin, cos and tan were
Homophones of sign , cosh , ten
Confusions didn’t arise at that age
Gauss , Pythagoras and Simpson photo;
pasted on General knowledge (book)
It arised when their creation were hard to acknowledge
It was easy
When circle was just a ring
No formula and any mugging
When ‘c’ was nither arbitrary nor proportionality
When relation was just connection
Function was just operation
No hypothesis and theorems
Mathematics was easy !
Copyright © IshudhiDahal
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