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Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
The frivolous existence of a frantic
man frolicking in a fatuous fantasy,
is forgotten so ferociously.
By a maiden so fair,
who he called his bear,
gave up so dearly.

His drunken soul, took a toll on
what's left of his humanity.
Disdain his curse, in vain his outburst;
He had lost grip on reality.

This foolish gallant,
so wise; not void of talent,
fell prey to darkness that fuelled his insanity.

She took the form of a magnetic storm; then left him to realize his blunder.
Now he waits on the throne,
that he once called home,
yearning to win back her splendour.
to my fair maiden
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
There is a girl,
her skin so fair,
her heart so pristine,
her gaze so elegant,
her touch so tender,
her lips so luscious,
her aura just scintillating.

Her eyes are stars around which a galaxy transmogrifies into existence.
I am nothing but a speck of dirt floating in front of the vast expanse of her benevolence.

Her hands are ethereal, which deems the wings of a celestial powerless before their sublime grace.

She is the princess of an empyrean world, the ruler of my heart and the keeper of my soul.

There is a girl,
and she is my bear.
she is my bear
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
Perplexed, perplexed!
Bewildered by ***.
My souls dazed; my hearts annexed.

Digress, Digress.  
Alluding to brooding.
My thoughts eluding, the devils colluding  

Oh tonto, oh tonto!
Amou ha huido, Oscuridad se ha apoderado.
Yo soy el fuego, infierno es mi paraiso.
a fool who is still in love with his bear
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
I am the nothingness that engulfs a dying star,
I am one third of a negatively charged down quark.
I am the rage that sparks Zeus's lightning bolt,
I am the constant difference between fission and fusion.
I am that transient sigh between two zeptoseconds, so insignificant I have no essence.

I am that pestilent cosmic conundrum of how to prove string theory,
I am that inevitable faux pas; who mimics a rotten black cherry.
I am the rip in the fabric of space and time, I transcend the unknown.
I am nothing but a forsaken speck of dust existing in a parallel multi-dimension of possibilities, waiting to be reclaimed by the nebula that I once called home.

She is the light that brought life to the Garden of Eden,
She is the beating heart of a neutron star.
She is the gravity to my anti-gravity,
She breathes the cosmos into reality.
Her elegant essence evokes my euphoric entity from oblivion.
She is the astronomically accurate measurement of the companionship between space, gravity and time.

She is the;
Sanctuary of my heart, the
Archangel who guards my soul, the
Neutron that forged my being, and the
Andromeda who owns my love.
to my bear
Brejesh Shan May 2020
The longest night on earth is my every day
Because of you I've found myself
I closed my eyes and fell in love

Eventhough you are no longer mine,
You are the path I seek
You are the holy scriptures,
That echo in my ears
You are the light,
Bestowed by the Almighty
You are the love,
That I hold in my hands

Without you I would drown in my tears
To you, words of love are all I have to say

I am melting away like a candle,
Wandering in my thoughts thinking about you

You cast my heart aside,
And flew away like a wisp
Brejesh Shan Mar 2020
Why did you give me this pain, my love?
In the shower of love till the end of time
I slept in the warmth of your lap divine

Why did you abandon me?
Let me bask in the warmth of your love
Kisses you etch on my lips I need,
I’ll never kiss goodbye to this greed

I searched for your eyes, in vain
I hope to see you once again.
You are my favourite dream
I will save my tears for you, my queen.
Brejesh Shan Mar 2020
With tears in my eyes
I am going estranged
Like white clouds in the sky dispersing
I am slowly dissolving
In a fountain of tears
I am falling everyday

My moon, I sought to follow your shadow
Why did you leave me?
My life, my soul
You burnt and threw away my love, my beautiful bear

Why did you leave me,
My life, my soul
You froze my dreams in my tears

The rain will quench the thirst of the soil
What happened to my love
I am withering, searching for a way to get back into the world you threw me out of, my beautiful bear.

— The End —