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Josh Kizax Dec 2020
There she is my ******,
Carry my dream as an African queen,
Her words are very sweet, soft, and delicate as honey,
So I feel boom! Blessed to be her only son
She is my shield in the middle of the sunny zone,
I have got nothing much to pay,
Here and there, everywhere I’ll  say;
Have seen none like my queen

I’m blessed with her long way,
She guides me in a better ray,
I appreciate, duplicate, her effort, every day
I dedicate that her love never deplete,
Dynamic, and never lead me astray.
On her side tho’ blue turn grey,
Among four am her beloved kid,
She never gave up on me,
I mean she has never been mean,  
She gives all of her to me, and always there for me        

She forgave me for all I did,
She is my pride song, and  gives me  all I need,
My peafowl, society remarkable,
Rose flower, and society reliable
Do you wonder who is she? My honorable?
She is she, not he, but family dependable,
She’s who she is, even tho’ you cease who she is according to the bible,
There she is, my beloved Mum who makes me loveable and feel cherishable.
This is a special dedication to all those who love their beautiful mothers.
He sent his Son,
his Word,
A gift from above,
His message is Love.
Thank you dear Father,
Thank you dear Mother,
Blessing all people,
Our sisters and brothers.
The Word that heals All.
I took his yoke
it's  easy,
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,
Healing the pain,
let go of all strife.

When I talked my way out of danger, those Words were His.
Amor wakes pysche.
Every good deed and act of love, is alchemical gold, that cannot be bought or cannot be sold.
Truth be told.

— The End —