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Josh Kizax Dec 2020
There she is my ******,
Carry my dream as an African queen,
Her words are very sweet, soft, and delicate as honey,
So I feel boom! Blessed to be her only son
She is my shield in the middle of the sunny zone,
I have got nothing much to pay,
Here and there, everywhere I’ll  say;
Have seen none like my queen

I’m blessed with her long way,
She guides me in a better ray,
I appreciate, duplicate, her effort, every day
I dedicate that her love never deplete,
Dynamic, and never lead me astray.
On her side tho’ blue turn grey,
Among four am her beloved kid,
She never gave up on me,
I mean she has never been mean,  
She gives all of her to me, and always there for me        

She forgave me for all I did,
She is my pride song, and  gives me  all I need,
My peafowl, society remarkable,
Rose flower, and society reliable
Do you wonder who is she? My honorable?
She is she, not he, but family dependable,
She’s who she is, even tho’ you cease who she is according to the bible,
There she is, my beloved Mum who makes me loveable and feel cherishable.
This is a special dedication to all those who love their beautiful mothers.
Josh Kizax Oct 2020
"Perhaps, Martin Luther King never had a dream,
but he had seen a dream.!!!"
This is a description of my theme;
Rhemes of his speech gathered steam,
which stimulate and create a remembered stream,
" I have a dream.!"

Nowadays, dreams are not the ones you get from a slumber steep,
but are those that deprive you of sleep.
I hope that one day our countries will no longer appoint leaders again, based on their individual gain.

Apart from their political parties, they come from,
but due to one single universal party, we are all going to form
Neither, for the agenda of their race, color nor religions,
But with an organized calendar, and tremendous visions.

The day we shouldn't be interested in their background stories;
popularity, prestige, and their wealthy glories.
not even their power, pomposity storied-houses.
Despite being the lineage of dynamic dynasties,
but just a human being with the visionary eyes for minorities'

One who should not focus on celebrities and Hollywood Stars,
but will celebrate with poverty-stricken, take them as the stars,
well recognized as the sons of the Sun'
helping the country economy shines,

Am looking forward to the election days,
The national quadrennial event, Tuesdays.
our voices will bring impact through our votes.
When we shall elect mentors, role models and not our Idols,

Am looking toward the day the financial crisis will fall through
when our leader's mission comes through.
Focusing on the fact of where they are heading us to,
and where they are taking our dreams too.

The dreams for our country's bright.
Rights and freedom for our countryside,
the ease for our forefathers' long century sight.
I can't wait for that day indeed,
my dreams will no longer be just like a dream,
but actually, film-strip with its factual receipt.
This is a dream of which I hope will inspire all those who are seeking change. As we are going for our coming election on Tuesday 2, Nov 2020. I hope this will help you determine, and have you make the best decision ever when voting for our leaders. be inspired
Josh Kizax Oct 2020
😭😭It all ended in smoke😭😭


I won't be very gentle, If I shouldn't say Goodbye .
We have gone through Countless hustle, bustle, But your heart and memory still fully dry.
You've passed through double-puzzle,
so do I.
Not only with your bubble trouble,
But also with covered shadow-lies.

Flashback! You seemed quite humble,
very stunninng beautiful butterfly.
Fearlessly I approach you and stumble,
with your cradle lullaby.

Flashforward! I had Bible when I fall, knowing it would give me an audible sigh.
Not because I never fall or fail to fall,
But had fear to fall in love with my Ally.

On 14th of February I recall,
Reciting my first best poem, "I comply."
Followed by  Endless texting and calls,
I cercrifise my heart to be a twisted pie.

Like an horrific mathematics table,
I felt proud criming it, wasted time rhyming love sci-fi.
Our relationship was like an American football,
Where modification was to be held to qualify.

I was left in the fog of a Temple,
Like a frog, waiting for your magnifying Justification to standby.
Was too late to clarify the jungle-rumble,
Coz you left me in a cage tongue-tied.
I never get your co-operation, So our love passed by.
Now probably, I write this last letter to you to say good-bye
True story. It hard to live apart from people we love with there memory stuck deep in our hearts! I loved her but it all vanished away, tho' I still remember the good time we spend together.
Josh Kizax Oct 2020
" Line up! Stand up! Never give up!"

Look on, outlast.
Hold on, hold out.
Hung on, hold up.
Stand on, never give up!

Success is a zigzag line,
Not an overnight destination,
Every beginner is as limestone,
passing through sublimation.

Race of ladies and gentlemen,
Men, women, and old women,
competing to be hero and ******,
supermen and superwomen.

As faster as deer running,
as higher as birds flying.
Above the horizon, strive on trying,
while others stay Amazon busy waiting.

Wiggling and wriggling as prodigies.
Wiggling and juggling to commite tragedies.
Many tragically gaining comedy
Other typically humming life-melody

Nothing is impossible if you wish.
Everything can be possible if you push.
There are many obstacles, but don't crush.
Continually historical, keep on the rush.

Behold! many risks to take,
countless sacrifices to make.
Call on! be persistent, don't joke.
Dream big, with hardworking, never forsake.


                                                               ­                    _ Josh kizax
This for all who are passing through hardish; financially, socially, and spiritually. when passing through difficulties or depression always never give up, give in.

— The End —