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Lex Feb 2017
i am very happy and i am very sad
mostly i am transparent
and i am not sure how that makes me feel
Lex Jan 2017
The difference between my hands and my brain is that one remains untouched by the person that lingers there the most.
forgive me forgive me
Lex Dec 2016
I am very exhausted of trying to be small
My eyelids have never felt heavier
I am lacking importance,
I have lost whatever it was that made me significant
to anyone at all
i am sorry im not as strong as i have led you to believe
Lex Sep 2016
They say your body is a temple
but does that include the ones that are just a walking shell
scars and scabs
the ones that are a shaky skeleton
wavering back and forth while looking in the mirror
the ones that you think can blow away in the wind
the bodies that are unrecognizable
My temple is more of a ruin
A story of what used to lie
an open page with indescribable hieroglyphics
Nothing lasts forever
Lex Aug 2016
Shake me by my wrists
Tell me how much I've improved lately
and how nice it feels
to know that the word, home,
Doesn't mean a place
Please whisper to me
how scary love can be
Sometimes I am the human embodiment of the color
Start at my collarbones
Paint me yellow
Lex Jul 2016
Sometimes I cry so hard
A thunderstorm erupts in my rib cage
And my hands tremble like beach houses
In the path of a tsunami
But thinking of your eyes
Helps me escort oxygen to my lungs
And hold a paint brush instead
Of strangling the sheets of my bed
As if my tears will create a waterfall
Sweeping me away from you and
My pillowcase is wondering why I haven't screamed into it
In about a month or so
But I found reconcile in how your freckles
Resemble stars in the sky
And I've been trying to tell you
If you need the galaxy rearranged
I will do that
every single time the moon says hello,
I can promise you I can make the sun play hide and seek for as long as you'd like
If it means I can see the creases being created
By your smile again
For M
Lex Jun 2016
We had the ability to
create sparks just by touching and
we could have lit the whole city
By just looking into each other's eyes
you could have been the street light
And I could have been the shadow
Instead I am a city fountain of
what ifs
People toss their wishes at me
As if it is my job to grant them happiness
From within the depths of
my sorrow
I just wanted to be your light however,
Everyone knows water and electricity
are disastrous lovers
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