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bjynxthelyric Aug 2016
It must be a curse to feel so deeply.
Smog bodies with their ****** energies
and frivolous frequencies
annoy me on an exponential level and
bring me out of an amorous dream
back into this ****** reality
where light bounces off bodies of darkness
and darkness creates light from nothingness.

Humility is always the word.

So many L's,
Life Lessons Learned from Losses Left on Loop,
but when you collect enough,
you make Double Use(W's) out of an Undaunted Understanding...

When Will We Win?
What Were We Wrongfully Weary of?

And after realizing that there are those and they's and things that will never have the luxury of order to give life meaning,
a conscience for consciousness to coincide with itself,
or the ability to feel at all for lack of a decent heart,
you see every moment as a cause for celebration.
It must be a blessing to feel so deeply
  Jul 2016 bjynxthelyric
Marsha Singh
I called to you 
softly when I 
was young; my
voice bounced off 
the bricks of a 
suburban slum,
sauntered down 
side streets and 
stirred piles of 
leaves, then snagged 
in the branches till 
the wind tore it free 

to collapse at your 
window like a 
weary songbird
that had been 
singing for decades 
and finally, you heard.
  Jul 2016 bjynxthelyric
Bianca Reyes
These thoughts scream in my head
Keeping my dreams under my bed
Where they fornicate with idle time
Breeding failure and poems that don't even rhyme
I toss and turn every night
Knowing conformity dims my light
I lay there as time goes on and on and on
Remembering the love that's come and gone
Yet I still remain
Same name
Same everything
With nothing
Shared on Hello Poetry on July 12, 2016
Copyright © 2016 Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
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