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jeffrey conyers Jul 2020
If you looking for someone?
To tell your problems to.
Jesus is the one.

If you looking for someone?
To sit and advise without judgment.
Jesus is the one( To tell your trouble too).

We have counselors and friends with their own advice.
Some get them wrong and then some get it right.
How to change your ways?

If you looking for someone?
Who been through so much?
Jesus is the one(To help you)

If you're seeking a true friend?
That is there through thick and thin.
Jesus is the one(the one, the one, the only one)

He filled with so much joy.
His name brings happiness.

Oh, Jesus is the one
To call upon

Jesus is the one to forever praise.
Safana Jul 2020

Looks like
Okra soup if
She crawl,
Speaking as
running soup
of a fresh
Sesame leaves,
Her customized
face is full, and
all spores are
Her days are
more than
a senator And,
she is a Minister's
age mate,
she is,
An eldest sister
of reps.
Feeling to have
a young fresh
to have fun

Females category in FCT
Mane Omsy Mar 2020
Push the words with your hearts
Never let the brain do the work
When the doves die whilst their flight
Sizing every little problem in your house
In the midst of a pandemic, hell to the no!
Build up your promotions on occasions
People die, hell on earth, the resemblance
Devils rule the world; war against the good
See the truth with a **** on your hand
When the innocent help the hope & help-less

Religious outbreak and battles over a place
Feed it to your ego, Mr. and Mrs. COVID
I see "leaders" in their vacation plans
Give them the finger to heal their roasted brains
Every penny stacked for the tax exploited
For a stupid statue standing straight up to his ******

Man stop, we're just animals
But you're a mad dog, a monster
Neither fame nor fortune can tame
With a fire burning in your eyes
For a calamity to happen in your way
For a better future phasing from your burrow.
Tuan Do Mar 2019
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
RH 78 Jun 2016
Some voted for freedom from that rusty  EU shackle.
Discussed immigration issues they were unable to tackle.
An establishmentarian North, South divide. When poverty strikes there's nowhere to hide.
Deep trenched anger rising from the disenfranchised vote. The pound devalued as the right wing gloat.
Uncertain times causes a global ripple. Bank of England acts to avoid economic *******.
But what of our neighbours? Our brothers in arms? Democratic victors, do they know who this harms?
Young against old, divisions laid bare. Political wrangling, do they really care?
The Prime Minister resigns and a new chapter to be written.
Democracy wins in a diverse, Great Britain.
Felt obliged to pen some words subsequent to the Brexit vote. Britain voted and in the coming years is set to leave the EU. Uncertainty has manifested itself in many ways since but the debate roars on. The political establishment are in turmoil. Resignations are a daily occurrence as the bloodbath spills into the media.,! Our ears are glued to the news to establish what happens next and there is an underlying sense of excitement from the leave voters that our Country can spread its wings on the global stage again and renegotiate our position in the single market (EU) as well as strengthen old relationships worldwide. Whatever happens, the majority of our people are extremely hard working. Our adopted europen citizens have unequivocally assisted our country to thrive. Long may this continue.!
DannyBoyJ Sep 2015
Through the smoke, **** and *****,
A parking fine, ***** on it.
The most horrid sight, we’re used to it, right?
The capital’s disgusting and we’re ******.

Lengthy ques for employment,
Assorted drugs for enjoyment,
Our bank account’s bust, believe it we’re ******,
The government won’t even lend a hand.

Will it be Lidl or Aldi?
Wetherspoons, cheap and rowdy.
An overdraft to, purchase more *****,
Fracking makes us hate you more, it’s true.

Unpunctual trains, privatisation.
It’s ******* cold at the station.
Elite middle class, this country’s a farce,
Don’t even get me started on the EU.

Chicken wings and pollution,
Private health care – THAT’S THE SOLUTION!
Increased licence fees, no money for tea,
Five more years of Cameron and we’re *******.
Paul Butters Feb 2015
I’m Cameron, call me Dave,
Power I do crave.
I’ll tell any story
To con you into voting Tory.
On our Prime Minister as elections loom.

— The End —