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Tuan Do Apr 8
The scenery of my hometown is beautiful,
During the season of falling flowers.
Tuan Do Mar 21
Night wind scales,
Frosty Palace,
Must I ****,
For law,
For order.
Explaination-The Emperor kills his mistress.
Tuan Do Mar 21
Spirits be drawn,
A morning sun rises,
Is not the blossoming flowers,
A beautiful sight upon the early dew.
A cold, frosty mountain last night,
A warm, radiant field this morning.
- Spring
Tuan Do Mar 18
Nightless days,
Shadowless suns,
Specks of dust,
Among the sand.
A person's melancholy life
Tuan Do Mar 15
Rivers flow through the capital,
Crimson lakes on an ember night.
This one is pretty easy one to understand.
Tuan Do Mar 15
The wilted crane,
The crimson flower,
Too far to fly,
Too beautiful to pick,
Destined to never reach.
A single hesitation is a dozen years.
Tuan Do Mar 14
Blood soaked flowers,
Clouded moon,
Drifting memories,
I will leave before you.
"I just wish to see you one last time, at last, it's too late."
I'll let you analyze it this time.
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