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Zack Ripley Feb 25
I don't know where I began.
I don't know where I'll end.
But I don't need to.
I know where I am right now.
I'm with friends. I'm with you.
And to me, that's a pretty
great place to be.
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Whether i had a million dollars or not even a dime to my name,
as long as im with you its all the same.
It doesn't matter if we lived in a mansion or a cardboard box.
As long as im with you its all the same.
On our wedding day, I cant promise I wont cry
as your father walks you down the aisle
and you leave his arm for mine.
If, down the road, you decide i cant make you happy anymore,
i will let you leave even though it will break me at the core.
Don't worry. I won't try to win you back.
You gave me a lifetime of happiness
and that's all I can ask.
I got through the days before I met you
so i know i can do it again
but if you ask me to rate my happiness it wont be a 10.
Life is the name of the game.
And once you find the one you love, it will never be the same
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
I'm with you in spirit
Just like I was before.
I'm right by your side
Even though you can't see me anymore.
I'm with you in spirit
So you have nothing to fear.
You're not in this alone.
I'll always be here.

— The End —