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Kayley Brayz Aug 2020

I'm a book, my covers,
Golden and pretty, embroidered with flowers,
My title, brings a smile upon one,
The golden book, had won;

One opens up the book,
And instead of beautiful letters, there's a rusty hook,
Instead of sweet letters, there is splashes of dark ink,
The pages decaying, the person heart is about to sink;

The person turns the page,
Only to find thorns, dry with age,
They reach for the person's hand,
Beckoning, "Be my friend!"

The person throws the book aside,
Saying, "That book I should destroy and hide,"
So the person grabs the book, and throws it into the fire,
And as the person watches, letters of diamond form out on the page, those that others can admire..

By Mishka Wayz

Kayley Brayz Aug 2020
Hello my friend! An Explanation? I'm a master of disguise!!
The hatred I wear are all my elegant bows and ties,
The darkness I live in makes myself unwise,
But so what! I'm being joyed by all the lies!!

My name is Miska Wayz, and I'm a demon, not a boy!!!
I know I know, my name sounds like I bring so much joy!!
Well…you're wrong! And you know what I do to a mind, like a growing bean of soy?
I deceive it with lies and masks, then turn the mind all spoiled like cutting the heart with my knife the shining sharp toy!!!!

I was burned in fire and hell!!
My hell was my mind that I setlled in so well!!!
My mask that hid me, the soul that had fell!!
Once I lived in light, but now in the depth of darkened gloom that in I dwell!!

I know no love no peace, I actually have one desire,
It is either to cut my throat or choke on a wire,
Or maybe just rot and decay then burn in fire,
Or rip out my brain and stab it with a rusty nasty plier!!!

I see darkness in light and smiles in a burning pain,
I love when a soul tries to stick to the good side but in vain,
I love to be dark, messed up, and insane!!
Frowns are smiles, and blood to me is the rain!!!!

One thing, little soul,
If you want love and friends, you are a fool!!!
There's not one friend in the world, only a deceiving ghoul,
There's no love, there's only lies that actually seem to be a tool!!

Listen to me, being good is not a rule!!
Light only lies and kills, only smiles when over your eyes it pulls the wool,
Light and love will deceive and lie, then suddenly cut your neck, making you from surprise not think but only drool,
Love and trust only cares at the beginning, but at the end flips the world and drowns you in a blood-bath pool!!!!

If you crawl in my mind, oh what a beautiful sight!!
So rusty and sharp, so decaying and rotten, oh it feels so right!!
There is no hope for love or trust or a smile, there is no light,
Before it was golden now it is all molden, and now with hatred and darkness it burns bright!!!

By Mishka Wayz

Kayley Brayz Mar 2020
Dark, Filthy Useless Trash, my name is Mishka Ways,
Say hello, say bye, im here to change your days,
Mind it all, mind it not, you will feel the rays,
Mind it all, mind it not, and you will see how he slays….

My mind is dark and an eerie creep,
I have had dreams of children hiding, then being snatched from a single peep,
I have seen nightmares of ghouls staring at one in a sounding sleep,
I suffer from light, i suffer from joy, there is mold, in the heart in the deep….

I have claws of truth and claws of keys,
My keys are golden and lead the way to the door,
I have an eye which knows the door and light never sees,
My flesh is gone, my mind is strange, darkness calls me a *****….

My voice is dead my voice is dark, it has no tone,
Were has the light gone to, where is the darkness that i own?
I stare with green hiding eyes, i sit atop of my rusty ****** throne,
My mind is a whole new world, a whole new life, it is said you will never reach the zone….

I have no heart, there is no beat, i have no kindness in my name,
I have stood before a demon, a ghoul, a fallen angel, and i love them all the same,
I am dark and eere, i sit in the dark room and play Blue Whale, a dark little lovely game,
I have felt light, felt happiness, felt the tears of joy, when in my heart the devil came….

~Mishka Wayz~
A Dark *******...

Kayley Brayz Mar 2020

My world has gone far,
Passed hills and mountains, lived through peace and war,
Had my sword and my heart,
Had my breath blow away at space of art,
I had my thoughts in my head,
Had my mind tell me when I needed to fed,
We both were angels from the sky,
We both were born from a mother of the heavens of the high,
I never had found love, it wasn't at my likes,
But at least I had found trust with every new day that strikes,
You have found love, you have found joy,
But I never knew that you can grow into such a warrior from such a small boy…

And now we stand side by side,
Ready for the last hours of our breath and our hide,
Madness can't be stopped, men will rage,
Blood has spilled on the lands, the gloom filling every page,
I had loved you with my soul and my mind,
If to save my family, I would sacrifice for my kind,
Sword at hand, the blade waiting to spill the blood,
The sky darkens, the minds go ill and odd,
Me and you brother, sharing a true brotherly love and a bind,
Standing side to side, not knowing what we would find,
Our hearts beating slowly and loudly,
The army stands still, faces straight and glaring grimly but proudly,
The foghorn blows and the war cry sounds,
The thunders and the curses spill out across the grounds…

The armies clash together, splitting and slaying,
The arrows zip out low, piercing the falling and the swaying,
The blood paints the grass, the blades find the flesh,
Ravens craw and soar above the battlefield, waiting for the meat that is lifeless and is fresh,
Enemies cut each other down, ending the pains and the hate,
Brothers fight side to side, knowing their fate,
And here, is me and you,
The brothers who could live being alone just two,
The brothers who raised the trust and who were feared when in war,
The brothers who survived everything and lived through everything near and far,
We together are an army of our own,
We together are brothers who know no fear and throw off every demon off their throne!!

We clash through metal and through chaos, slaying and swinging our swords,
We break bones and shatter skulls as we slay hordes after hordes,
Brother, the grass is the color of the setting sun, the bodies lifeless and slayed,
The energy low, the hopes even lower as at the blood-spilling we stare that we made,
It's only us two on the grounds, with our friends slayed and put to rest,
Their ghosts empty, their families wondering what happened to their loved ones that are the best,
Our last hours are here to meet and to face,
Our hatred now risen, our enemies wanting to erase our race…

Now there is a thing called no mercy at slaying,
Our swords slicing the flesh and our enemies with the lifes are paying,
Here I face blood and toil, rage and hate,
And here we now have either llife or death in our falling fate!!!!
The blood creating a fountain and bodies falling in a pile,

(Meh i quit. i cant finish it and it just doesn't works out )
(but if you are wondering, yes, i made this poem just right now, and its about a warrior who tells his brother a farewell, and as he dies, his soul continues the farewell and encourages his brother in war. And well then i wanted to create that the brother dies, and they were the last standing against their enemies, and before he said how they were mighty and stuff, and its like how they have no hope but to protect their people, and then they die and blah blah blah blah )
(and even though they died, they won lol) (have no idea how)
(sorry for my typos. if there are any)

~Mishka Wayz~
Brothers Should Always Sand For Each Other
Kayley Brayz Mar 2020
One truth that i have never realized before,
One truth makes my heart go sore,
When i hear it, my ribs shatter and all swells down,
My ears shriek and my eyes bleed…i wanna drown……

Many times i have looked upon the night sky,
I saw stars and beauty, so sweet and up so high,
I saw the beauty, saw the vastness of the sight,
It is so huge…thoughts of missing the perfect star gives me a fright……

I have spotted and loved many stars that i saw,
They were so loving and so bright,
But they always faded, pretending to be sweet but inside were raw,
Leaving me dead and crying in the middle of the night……

I had searched and looked for my perfect star,
I waited with my hopes reaching far,
I had almost quit and give up crying,
There were no perfect stars, i felt like dying……

The last star had been my perfect and the best,
But not until i found about it the inside and the  rest,
It had left me and it faded, with the last words in my head,
"There is no such thing as love, it is a word for the dead"……

My tears had washed my pain,
My mind had gone dead,
I let myself drown in rain,
With my useless thoughts of love in my head……

~Mishka Wayz ~
The poem is about a girl who has such thoughts in her head, but throughout the many stars, there is always one waiting and being the being just the perfect star ...
Kayley Brayz Mar 2020
I love my so-called friends, my family and the light,
I love everyone, and I keep trying to do what is right,
I want to make others happy and I want to care,
I know others took care of me, and now I want to make it all fair…

But… there is one thing that stops and trashes this all,
It makes me be dark, sick-minded, and makes me hurt the all,
The thing is, im a psychopath and nothing but trash,
All I do is hurt others, make others cry, and spread pain like rash…

I try to show that I love others, and care,
I try to make others feel loved and I always force myself to not give a glare,
But how can a psychopath ever have friends or have someone he cares for?…
He knows, that only for the darkness he is something… which is only a *****…

I don't have friends, I'm always alone,
Deep inside, I have a depression and a darkness that I own,
I know that no one wants me…
I know that I'm never with my thoughts and depressions is free…

Just like a ***** to the darkness

I know I'm nothing and I'm just trash,
I know I don't help and I only bring on others the pain like rash,
I know I'm not enough, and no one understands me,
I know I'm different, it's like in a crowd of angels there is a ghoul who is never free…

To me, love, happiness, and a smile is not a thing anymore,
What do you expect when to the darkness and to life you are just a simple nasty *****?…
I smoke to force a smile, and to force a grin,
If I have cigarettes in my pockets, that's a win win…

Kids look at me like I fell out from the moon,
At least they will be happy when this ****** won't be seen again, very soon,
I always got to cover my head with a hood,
Coz I don't want people seeing my sinful face that is so opposite of good…

I know I'm nothing,
I know my mind is rotting,
I know I don't deserve to breath or earn a life,
That's why sooner or later the only choice of happiness will be stabbing myself with the kitchen knife…

I'm just a mistake

That's why, while I live I stick to the bad side,
Coz I know there is no love no friends and no pride,
That's why I'm always rude and mean,
Coz I know I'm a mistake, I am, will be forever, and the whole time I had been…

I'm a psychopath, I don't deserve a life, love or friends,
I deserve pain and hatred, not a hand that lends,
I deserve to be alone and to be one,
I deserve to have all my pride and normal self be gone…

I'm messed up, twisted, and dark,
To me, pain, hatred, and loneliness is a little play-ground park,
I know I can't change myself, and I deserve to be in Hell,
I can't love, I don't have friends, I only hurt and deceive… oh well?

All my dreams of having a friend are gone,
All my wishes of trust and care, are gone too,
In this whole world of bright angels, there stands a dark ghoul being the only one,
I know that those who will understand me will be only few…

I mean none at all.

I was, still am, and will be forever alone.

~Mishka Wayz~
Kayley Brayz Mar 2020
Oh, I wish to create a new world, a new life,
A life, a world of peace, of butterflies, and a heaven of five,
A world of bright crystals, diamonds, and shining stars,
I wish to create a world without darkness, cruelty and wars..

I wish everyone would smile, and wave,
I wish everyone had a heart, and what they had, without hesitation gave,
Oh, I wish we all were like saints, not like ghouls,
I just can't seem to get why, why is there in this world so much blood pools...

I wish to close my eyes, and let my breath pass away,
Slip off from life, and dive into the heaven, far far away,
Where people would smile, help, and care,
Why is kindness and happiness just so rare?..

Everyday I stare at the skies, and wonder what will be my fate,
Heaven or Hell, escape I will from this terrible state,
Just imagine, an escape from your depressions and troubles,
No more emotional pain, no more dark truths, and no more ruined rubbles..

I just can't seem to find a reason why I breath,
Can't find a reason why am I so disgusting, like a rotting leaf,
Is the world just like this, full of things that wreck your life, body, and the mind?
Is the world like this, where you stumble in the fog, all hurt, decieved, betrayed, and blind?..

Why do some have to just get wrecked with the darkest corners there are,
Why do some have to be always insane, all mad and locked up in a jar?..
I just wish, to create a new world, a new life,
Full of diamonds, shining stars, happiness, and a heaven of five....

~Mishka Wayz~
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