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XPY Mar 2018
I find it funny
How we live our lives
Showing our love
And gratitude
And everything else
In the value of
And slips of
Whose value
Is more than it should be,
When all we do is
waste away
Until the world is naught
But dust and starlight.
Currency is a made-up concept yet its insignificance doesn't matter because in this world, it's the only thing that matters.
© KMH 2018
CommonStory Dec 2017
Diamonds are forever
Because they're carbon
And we're carbon

She wants to last forever
But she's going on 37

Honey I feel your pain
as my strength will wax and wane

That's why diamonds last forever
Because they're carbon
Heated carbon

She wants to smile forever
But today she's sad as ever

That's why diamonds are forever
Because they're carbon
Under pressure

Darling close your eyes
And smile one more time

And honey I feel your pain
As my joints begin to pain

That's why diamonds are forever
Because they're hardened

She just wants to remain beautiful
But that's a shallow pool to swim

And honey I feel your pain
As my love brings sorrow again

That's why diamonds are forever
Because they're diamonds
And we're diamonds

She just wants to learn
And that's no one else's concern

And honey I feel your pain 
As I stitch my scars again

And that's why diamonds are forever
Because they're diamonds
And we're

She just wants to take her time
And not be crowded by the lies

And honey I feel your pain
But I don't want to waste my time aga in

And that's why diamonds are forever
Because they're diamonds
And we're dying
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald
AnonymousFerret Dec 2017
We used to work for what we need
But now we toil with thoughts of greed
Limitless hunger makes work tough
Because you'll never have enough

True wealth comes from a different place
A source of emotion and grace
Don't let your heart be ruled by want
And resist desires endless taunt
You'll never have enough until you realize that you never needed any of it.
Sneha shenoy Sep 2017
Their eyes moving hither & tither,
Accidentally enraptured on one another.

As soon as they met they fell in love❤,
Adding spice to life,just like clove.

Finally he confessed :
" Rose I love you" with a joyous cry,
She replied:
" My love, life without you is monotonous & dry"

He gifted red rosé *** to fair Rose,
Fair one affectionately cared for red,
They both came too close..
In her dreams she saw her love on death bed..

What happened? who did she see??
Did the plant die?
Or their relationship?
Or both?
But why did they leave her???

All started with restless eye,
Ending with an unexplained gudbye...
unnamed May 2017
We live in such a material age.
Where people get excluded because of the pieces of cloth they wear
Where peoples’ state of living relies on little rectangular pieces of paper
The bigger the number the better they fare

Where these tiny little numbers on a scale that people care about so much
Change the reflection that appears in the mirror
And the way that other people see them
Even though personality is so much dearer

And everyone’s obsessed
With everyone else’s’ lives
To distract them from their own problems
Even though when you return they stab you like knives

And if you really think
Wonder, ponder and contemplate
You realise this won’t matter when you die
You’ll have a clean slate

It won’t matter what car you drove
Or the clothes and people and places you adorned yourself with
So why worry now while you have a life to live?!
The promise you’ll make to yourself will appear herewith;

You’ll run and jump and touch the sky
Stare at the stars as the cars go by
And love and laugh until you cry
Live until the day you die
Her face like that of a Greek goddess
Her supple legs wrapped in barb wire

You ache to feel her sting

Possessing only the most foolish of men
She knows no boundaries
And can never be satisfied or sated

She will wrap you in her wings of deceit

Turning you to her will
She is a gaping never ending hole
Constantly demanding
to be filled with empty things

The more you give the more she takes

She wants more than what she already has
Everything you possess she already owns
She will take it by force if need be

“Mine, mine, mine” she screams

Throwing fists full of money into the air
Overstepping boundaries around every corner
Persistently seeking immediate gratification
From an endless list of materialistic things

She sleeps with the sin of excess

Wrapped in her blanket of covetous thoughts
She is nothing short of
an all-consuming plague

Destroying everything in her path

This self-entitled virus
Will steal you blind in the night
Infecting you with her poisonous disease
And never offer a cure

Sending you blindly
Down the path of self-destruction
All the while craving your failure
Chuckling in her selfish madness

She will take your last breath

As she snatches the few coins
From the hands of the helpless
The only thing that matters to

This goddess of greed

Is that she wins in the end
No matter what the cost
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Iphone, laptops, and the internet is to make us all smarter
But it makes us all dumber, and life alot harder
Microwaves, bread makers, electric can openers so we can save time
To help us make supper on less of a dime
We no longer talk to friends we text
Ment to bring us closer but it's more like a hex
Want to see a sunset just look on a screen
Don't go outside that would be obscene
We spend all our time at work to buy possessions
It's like an obsession
This material world perplexes me
It's all around me, you see
Ment to bring us closer, save us money, and time
But we are always working so much it's more like a crime
No time for family, friend or mother nature
In this material world we've fallen into a crater
Wouldn't it be funny if the plug was pulled
And we would have to go back to using hand tools
I think we all would turn into drooling fools
chris iannotti Feb 2016
We consume big and create little,
we like neat things instead of the mess.
Wake up in the middle of our lives to find
we only thought to buy more and pay less.

Attention to the price tag—Need
the hottest J's, the nicest bags.
Stupidly married to the common cents,  
we divorce from time and meaning spent.

With our friends and families, we are short.
Our support is digital. Our talk is report.
We don’t bother to calculate what they add;
high bandwidth and credit subtract the sad.

Truth is no longer requested offline;
we readily settle with others’ designs.
Two-Day shipping makes us smile,
for happiness we wait no while.
Kunal Kar Dec 2015
Through the serendipity of a naive act,
A mere rumour of the bygone tale.
Perceived by a small offense,
Was the story of Riverdale.

A machine of parts and *****,
Built for an arithmetical crusade,
Channeled with high voltage,
The tool for every complex barricade.

For science has toyed with his destiny,
For his life was a written code,
For his face was made of metal alloy,
For his troubles laid on the same road.

For his calculations were neat as heaven,
As his binary numbers were perfectly synch,
Like the sun rising on an early day,
Like the rain falling on the same clay.

But the story took a seismic turn,
His mind was on a number's high,
When like lightning came she,
A thunderstorm from a clear sky
A mermaid out of the blue sea,

She touched his metal face,
For she had seen none of like him.
But that touch created a little spark,
In the metal heart out of chances that slim.

As his codes discharged to form a conscious wave,
For the metal mind felt the aura,
For the metal body moved to dance,
For Riverdale loved that girl,
For she was his fading chance.

But do the humans  understand love?
I doubt they do, for the metal heart,
Was driven out from the lands.
For his story never had a start.

The sin of emotion, the bliss of pain,
For his metal heart rusted in vain.
Over his kingdom of broken dreams,
Neither did she, nor a soul felt his reign.

As his metal body rusted away,
In the aura of an insane world,
Where love is a jewellery reserved,
For this misery has now unfurled,
He died a metal death with a humane heartbreak.
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
In Ireland we had built a truly independent nation,
standing proud after years of strife and deprivation
But we yearned to join Europe, enticed by her charms,
and she was happy to welcome us, with open arms
Once we used to have pounds, shillings and pence,
when we joined Europe we adopted euros and cents,
We bought in to a single European currency,
and got loads of money, for everything a subsidy

Yes Europe proved to be extraordinarily generous,
the goose that kept laying golden eggs for us
Our government went mental with the money Europe kept sending,
it appeared this generosity was never ending
And our banks joined in with unprecedented lending,
we the people were happy, ah the money we were spending
We threw caution to the wind, it was pure insanity,
we paid ridiculous prices for even the smallest property

Mortgages and loans were given out like sweets,
credit cards with no limit for those occasional treats
Yes the borrowing and spending went on unabated,
sure why wouldn’t it, it was completely unregulated.
There was so much money, loans were so easy to get,
each one of us accumulated a serious amount of debt
Most of us were living way beyond our means,
had we sold our souls for a handful of beans?

Such was our success, other nations did applaud,
we bought new houses and cars and apartments abroad
Credit cards and loans bought so much other stuff,
one could be forgiven for thinking we could never have enough
We changed as a people, became quite materialistic,
we wanted so many things that were beyond realistic
we forgot what was important, which was really quite sad,
judging each other it seemed now by how much each had
A sad chapter in Irish History and a lesson for all nations
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