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chris iannotti Sep 2019
selfish as it is, would you do it?
if you knew He’d forgive you, would you do it? could you leave them a mess?

probably. awful. unthinking. ungrateful. unbelievable.

but you’d do it, right? sure. like a bandaid, quickly: rip. peace at long last. meet your Dad at the gates and tell him, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t wait.”
chris iannotti Dec 2016
lollipop laughter,
light-hearted living,

picturesque, perfect people
penning pals their best,
pulling down presents
and pushing back pests.

sharing smiles, sending
sights, sound-bytes and bites
several miles, south by southwest
and some places elsewhere.

wishing well, winning wildly
with one another—We whine and
wine while wishing-wells way round
the round rock and wayward,
wish and wash
with the Without,
in waste,

We'll wink, think and talk
shortly—but not a moment longer
and never more or nevermore,
unless we witness winter, fresh.

but locked or not
the door is rotten:
would a knock be heard
it'd already be forgotten.

open up.
chris iannotti Sep 2016
You are the good in the world. I am the one who needs you.
We, can be happy--but? You have to be down.

We are but one world of many. I am down in the happy-good.
You, who the - needs you? You can have the to.
I like to tinker with balance.
chris iannotti Feb 2016
We consume big and create little,
we like neat things instead of the mess.
Wake up in the middle of our lives to find
we only thought to buy more and pay less.

Attention to the price tag—Need
the hottest J's, the nicest bags.
Stupidly married to the common cents,  
we divorce from time and meaning spent.

With our friends and families, we are short.
Our support is digital. Our talk is report.
We don’t bother to calculate what they add;
high bandwidth and credit subtract the sad.

Truth is no longer requested offline;
we readily settle with others’ designs.
Two-Day shipping makes us smile,
for happiness we wait no while.
chris iannotti Jun 2014
I got AT&T; not ****** Mobile,
but I’m a mobile ******, with an STD:
Stupid Talent, Dude.
Haven’t even gotten my first ****
yet, or my noodle wet.
This is a very brief beat poem that I created by speaking aloud to myself during the last 2 minutes of a car ride just moments ago and right before I pulled into my driveway. Enjoy! :P
chris iannotti Dec 2013
Marry me to the dollars that were never mine
to begin with, or end in my divorce from time and bandwidth.

Date me like the daze you're in,
free from Good, but taxed by Sin.

Dump me when you've gotten full,
go fool around with other rules,

and die a loan too short and cruel.
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