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Carlo C Gomez Sep 2022
Weather balloon for a hat
propeller on his back
morning is observably alive

leaving it to atmospheric pressure

he consumes today's newspaper
with the enthusiasm of a bowl
of Corn Flakes

this Heath Robinson contraption
of getting to work first
over enemy lines
is all the rage in his satirical
state of mind

that is until the absurd derailment
of wartime employment

and so he returns home with tubes
and catheters attached to his body
and feeling like one
of the unwieldy machines
he had so often created

full of atmospheric pressure

and apparently thinking it
an undignified fate
he pulls out the tubes
and quietly dies
of his own invention

Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
The cube, the sphere
and the triangle

Building blocks, visionary shapes
that brace wind, cut clouds

Industrial smoke goes against
the grain of architecture

Maybe we can find where
they breathe tomorrow in naturally

It will be opaque and after breakfast
arrested by cantilevered thoughts

A ripple in the calm
whirlpool above the falls

As Liliane enjoys swimming
in the **** and collecting modern art

By nightfall and before the uniting
there's a solemn dream to be had

Haunted fragments
within the libretto of a Shining Brow

The contents of Froebel gifts
form organic steps, and led us
Wright to the water's edge
For Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
Harley Hucof Dec 2018
Love me.
That is all i see.

Everybody is scanning for a bond,
While i lie in the shadows angling
My mode of perception, to correspond
Your routines and rituals of acting,
And asking for boundless love.

So i abscond and you can't ask for more.
Because you noticed my kind and my codes.
You knew I was designed to be alone.

I lay my tranquil smile and keep observing us coincide
Feeling the pulse from the inside
I drift trusting i am the aftermath of a calculated plan
But something is always missing somehow
Lost in my thoughts
I blame the inventor

And i grow wiser,
Knowing i will never understand the true motives of my designer.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Thoughts and feedback are welcomed
sunprincess Sep 2018
My brand new ionic hairbrush is the best invention ever!

Who could ever imagine this incredible tool
could perform such amazing feats of magic!

My hair is so smooth, sleek and shiny
I truly feel like a superstar!

Honestly, If the inventor were here,
I would kiss him and drive him around
in my car!
Julie Grenness Mar 2016
Earth invents gifts,
On life forms,  there's no thrift,
Earth the inventor,
Are humans the predators?
We've wrecked habitats,
Even our own, that's that!
But more Earth inventions,
New form of populations,
Earth always inventing,
Innovations designing,
What's the  best invention?
Is man an aberration?
Once a Garden of Eden,
Life we're superseding,
Still, on life forms there's no thrift,
Earth keeps inventing gifts.
Feedback welcome.
Inventor Sam invented a life
Full of bright and sunny days
With clouds in the sky, peacefully passing on by,
And beautiful birds singing in all sorts of nice ways.

Inventor Sam, with a wave of his little right hand,
Invented mountains that reached up towards the stars
And with a wave and a flick, in an instant, quite quick,
He made rivers and valleys stretched out afar.

Inventor Sam, what a grand little man,
Invented some animals too
He called them Zebras, Giraffes, and Orangutans
Even people like me and like you

Inventor Sam then sat back to enjoy all that he made
But he noticed that something was missing
Not apples, nor reindeer, nor trees and their cool shade
Not eagles, nor bananas, nor snakes and their hissing

Inventor Sam looked closely at the animals that stuck out
Those on two legs, with little hair and one tiny snout,
They walked aimlessly around with no purpose at all
Stiff legged and hollow like fragile china dolls

Inventor Sam then sat up with a smile on his face
For he knew what would be his very last application
With a wave of both arms, and lightning for effect
He made people Inventors with their very own imagination.

-BPW  12/27/2013

— The End —