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an0nym0us Feb 2018
Can be good, can be bad
But oftenly sad.
A past we once had,
A time I can't bring back.

Your voice keep ringing in my head,
When will this ever end?
Is this what I get?
For loving you till the end...

I trusted you,
I thaught you were true...
Why didn't I saw through,
Your love that is too few.

Oh how silly
For you I still worry
Burden I no longer carry
But my chest is still heavy.

Everything I see
Reminds me of what we used to be
Still hoping for you to be with me
Even knowing it could never be.

I've been so depressed
This must be the greatest
Putting my sanity into test
I hope it will be less.
Edrich Apr 2018
Death looms my mind
Every day i live lifes deathly grip thightens around my throat of happiness

Traped in this
Addicted and weak
Meat prison

Only love will set me free
But sadly it will never come

I am condemned in my meat prison.
This poem is about the absences of love thats leads to depression and feelings of uselessness
John Alex Mar 2018
I can write letters
for the dead
I can articulate paragraphs
that goes through
lofty clouds,
or deep,
hard bedrock

they don't write back
they can't
they won't

so I'm stuck here
writing letters for the dead
because admit it
or not;
floortje Aug 2017
when i say i'm alone, i mean i'm alone. not in the way you can be alone when no one is around you, but the kind of alone you are when the room is filled with people while not one of them knows how you feel or what's going on in your life. i am the kind of alone when you drive home from a long day of school and you know that no one is gonna ask how your day was. the kind of alone you feel on a birthday, when everyone seems so happy but you just can't feel the whole birthday spirit.

i am not the kind of alone you are when there is no presence of another person, i feel the most alone around people. i am alone in the way i feel, alone in the way i understand life, alone in school, alone at home, i am always alone. and there is no one who can make me feel any less alone, no matter how hard you try. so i crawl to the background, i turn to music, turn to my writing and try to become okay with the constant lonelyness and i realise it's not such a shame to alone.

but sometimes it just feels

so alone.
wrote this in a library once and felt like i needed to share this
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2016
It burns as if flame
were cleansing my soul of you,
leaving me alone.
@LadyofRavenhill 12/12/2016
Haiku #4
Ivy Rose Sep 2016
Drag me by my bloodied ankles,
beat my body with such vigor.

Remember my face before you twist it,
look into my eyes as you pull the trigger.

To me you were the closest of friends,
you helped me up when I was low.

But here I am at your mercy,
and instead of love I recieve hard blows.

Little do you know however,
that the blood you draw will heal.

My skin will seal itself again,
and my life you will never steal.

Angel Mar 2015
Alone I lie awake,
sitting in an empty room.
Another long night.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Aug 2015
Now days spent without cause,
Without things desired by my own heart,
Her presence always attached to mine soul,
Though her touch far from reaching.
Though now she being the integral part of mine mind,
Does she thus ever see mine heart or lacking of hers?
Mine lips sealed without words to utter the heart clear,
Or are this feelings so big enough to give out such fear?

Love or maybe the desire hers growing without deeds,
Why have I become a man whom hides his face?
Is this concealed love worth it?
Or will she ever see mine heart safeguarded from hurts?
Or should I even let her see through me?
Maybe I should give her a try and let it be.
There are moments in life where one is unable to utter the correct  words or just words to the one they desire having as part of their lives...So is it with me... I am still  in love with a stranger... Thought this attached emotions would die or fade but they haven't every time I see her they grow even stronger....
Storm Raven Jul 2015
I never ever am alone.
They are always there.
Never leaving me alone.
Always talking to me.
I never mind them.
They are my friends.
The only friends I have.
And they will never leave me alone.
Dulce Ivonne Jun 2015
entangled and lonely
Soiled in thought.
Green shrubbery in
knots of friendship
and senseless touch.

Peonies by the dozen,
resting on the floor,
with drawn malice
and a simpleton heart.
In puddles of love
and a rainfall of glass
they evaporate in pointless,
panicked gasps.

Entangled and lonely.
Twirling in the frost
of stormed air,
and withered wrecks,
and sugar glass.

Peonies by the dozen
dying on the floor-
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