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Infant writer Apr 2019
I sat by the window,
Opposite to trees.
My head was aching
For I had a sleepless night.
The sun shined,
On the broken windowpane.
The yellow leaves were shedding
Off their companions.
The cold breeze slipped through the broken windowpane
And whispered something in my ears.
It calmed my mind
And my pain vanished.
The door, in the room, opened
And she entered.
Everyone stood up, I didn't.
East Wind Oct 2016
River banks
beach sands
muddy waters
loud laughs
all the things
I think about
when I'm awake at night

Rhyming words
fairy tales
true stories
laugh lines
all the things
I think about
when I'm daydreaming in class

Once in a while, my thoughts collide
the common thread,
is you by my side
That jazzy voice you handle from your lips
Is to be handled carefully. Well, it happened already
You took away every bit of somnolence from me
Suddenly emptied me, left me as a cunning child
Naughty enough to deprive himself of a night lavish with dreams,
To escape the sleep routine under the bed sheets.

And then your phonecall,
Breaking fragile silence like a hammer smashing glass,
I followed you beyond the ringing,
Discovered a trembling annoying voice.
You crafty devil, you planned my unsleeping all along,
Filling my ear with problems of all kinds and sorts
And the endless unsatisfactions of a life you never lived as yours.

So tired as hell, the phone hitting the wall,
Your voice remains, some sort of restlessness
Invades me and keeps me going all night long.

I shave, I’ve got but two hours before all cuts are healed
I put my sleep back together
Shard by shard,
Rebuild its slow glassy reflection.
My sleep is after all
A mirror which doesn’t often work.

The daylight knocks already
The nighttime fades behind me
No sleep tonight for poor devils or for me,
No sleep tonight at all.
Angel Mar 2015
Alone I lie awake,
sitting in an empty room.
Another long night.

— The End —