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Brandon Apr 30
Where do you go when the soul levitates in space?
Synths wash over me with godlike grace
I say, my dimension is slow and reverbed
With every problem, futsal shuffled to the curb
I say, "it's so surreal"
I want to gain a nursing shield
Just to show my father it's real
I know you're not around me
But I still feel your presence still
Some nights, I'm on an asteroid watching the stars
Other nights, I'm frostbitten awaiting your warmth
So, I ask you
When does your soul leave the physical?
I wanna know because you're supposed to see
What I see
Brandon Apr 30
Lightning struck the heart that you lived in
My shields overwhelmed and vulnerable
I endure states of emergencies, it's commendable
Even though I bathe in original sin
Sometimes, I feel I'm in the middle of the beginning
It's like I and we haven't moved at all
Headstrong, but I want you to catch me when I fall
I never knew a greater power than complacency
I strive to excel but it's nothing new to me
Through the winter I've been caretaking
But who can save me when I need saving?
Lightning to the heart again
What the **** is going on?
Brandon Mar 2019
Set I
You don't really call on me like you should
Dial my line and I'll roll through your neighborhood
We all have problems under this hemisphere
But you persevere and smile so fierce
I know your circle doesn't want smoke with me
Because they trust we can go all the way
He broke your trust, trust me, is all I say
It's okay you need someone that's calm and patient
Someone who's never okay being complacent
Who's honest enough to check you in the wrong
Does the armor on your skin belong?
Won't you be my plug?
You could be the one
Like Summer Walker, start with a handshake
And eventually, I'll need more than a hug
Let's vent late at night with Pink Moscato wine
Open up to me about these emotional crimes
All that you're missing; this late night attention
The best combination
To feel empathy is ultimate satisfaction
Communication is not meant for one side
So, do what's best for your mind
I think girls need a little something for everything. A genuine person for starters. Cheers to finding that special someone!
That moment
When her lips are your favourite lollipop
And her skin tastes like ice cream melting in your tongue,
The flavour drools godly juice.

That moment when the rythm are two beating hearts,
The winds outside take over
And you take shelter sheltering her.
kellkaym Mar 2016
I hate how I'm not doing anything with my life. I'm young and I should be having fun but instead I'm always sad and hating life. It gives me a sick feeling because I know one of these days I'll look back and think why the hell was I wasting my youth just moping around when I could have been enjoying life. I feel like I have no good memories to look back on but God forbid I can't stop feeling this way.

— The End —