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Monisha Aug 18
Have you ever felt this,
That you know someone
Without really knowing them.

That you hold someone,
Without really  holding  them.

That you see someone,
Without really seeing them.

That you hear someone,
Without really hearing them.

That you feel someone,
Without them being close enough.

That you call out to them,
And their soul whispers back!
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And when I look into your eyes
That smile gets me everytime.
Time seems to fly by.
Left standing, wondering what happened to the hours.
The minutes.
The rest of the world unknowing.
Causally walking.
Just as I,
Lost in the wake of your eyes.
This place hidden.
Beautiful and free.
Reflecting the angels that go unnoticed.
The rest of the world,
Afraid to fly
Rowan Ayman Aug 2018
If the streets were quieter
If the sidewalks were fancier
If the moon had the chance to glow
If dainty dresses were the trend
And sweet words were widely spread
Maybe my heart will beat

If the melodies were played to light stars
Wind would sway to clear the clouds
Then the talks would stretch to stares
And love will find its way to us

Words that jangle in my head
Will no longer tremble my mouth
If the sea would do me a favor
And come closer to land

Colored windows will always open
Simultaneously with sun rise
Sunflowers will wave at gardens
When they see people smile

If cafés were Italian with a glimpse of some french
By a view like Greece
And a vibe like all of them
I would pass by and say
Good morning,bonjour,and boungiorno

And gentlemen who wear hats
Would smile and stay bright
And vintage cars
And classy morals
They would all make the calm life
If only a lived where I belong
If only I was born in the right era
Maybe then,
I’ll find myself.
Sky Mar 2016
Stepping into an amusement park
is equivalent of stepping into
another world
Step out of the poverty, the tears, and the shame
and walk through the gates
joy, laughter, wonder, magic, miracles, love
It doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter what you've done
All that matters is that
right here, right now
You can be ALIVE
You can leave all of your burdens behind
Step into a world where dreams come true
And sometimes your silly nightmares, too
Fly like a Manta ray through the water
See the world through a sea turtle's eyes
Rescue the city with your favorite superheroes
And watch in awe as other people
just like you
perform daring stunts right before your eyes.
Yes, it is another world
beyond the gates of an amusement park
So step right up
and embrace your dreams
Escape reality while you can.
I've had an AMAZING vacation in Florida, going to Universal studios and SeaWorld. I'm sad to leave, but at the same time ready to go home to my boyfriend and to my bff.
Tiffany Scicluna Feb 2016
Pen and Paper are my only friend.
They know my deepest secrets,
And all the words that I've withheld.

Pen and Paper are all I need,
To finally be able,
To feel relieved.

Pen and Paper,
A Cigar and a Lighter,
Take me to a world
That I can only dream
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I know there’s a different world.
I am on the counter-realm.
I am not meant to be here –
– I belong in the other realm.

My realm, my light,
My colours, my night..
My moon, my tide,
My heart, my mind…

I would unfold my arms
I would reach out to the sky
I could touch the pink clouds,
And the blue, purple, even the shimmering white

The stars quadrupled just for my eyes
The night sky holding no darkness
A dream on its own, above me
The moon so close, igniting my senses

The water never too deep,
Never lacking this fantasy shade;
While I think the dream is up above,
I look at the water – perfection of balance God made

This fantasy one man created
Turned into my much longed-for reality
In search I journeyed for eleven years
Today, realizing – Freedom to dream is my destiny.
brixton bell Jul 2015
you are all that matters.
i dream of dark roads, leaving here- this place.
though i've grown accustomed.
another world
we are
the heroes.

The times I spent with you,
Are like times spent in magic portals,
Through which I stepped into,
To remove myself from reality,
Like a cellophane tape from paper...

And I have brought that dream
From the other side of the portal into my reality...

This reality unfortunately,
Cannot merge with the existing reality,
And therefore remains hidden from everyone,
With the exception of those,
Close enough to the bubble I have created,

To either silently notice or to be curious....

— The End —