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tanvi sharma May 17
i've been meeting her in my dreams;
never seen her here
i am falling in love with her, i think;
don't even know if she's real
we've met a few times now
but i am scared she will stop coming
i hope i find her someday
before the end comes my way.
tanvi sharma May 14
its your laugh
i can still hear it,
still feel it

its your laugh
it makes me smile,
but then i get tears in my eyes

its your laugh
i wonder if i will ever forget
tanvi sharma Apr 28
i wish people would just understand me
but that is also my biggest fear.
tanvi sharma Apr 2
you left me with memories i can't escape
everyday i cry with the thought of you at 3 a.m
tanvi sharma Mar 31
i lied,
to you, to them me.
i stopped
the act to rest and breathe
i looked,
deep within ,and saw the real me
i realised,
that i'm exactly what i believed i wouldn't be.
i don't ever want to lie to myself again...but its something i am very good at
tanvi sharma Mar 17
her hands shaking,
her voice trembling,
her heart beating faster by the second;


but she won't give up.
something i wrote in to calm myself down when i was losing control over my body because of my fear
  Mar 11 tanvi sharma
It was a joke
he didn’t mean to lift his hand
he didn’t mean to bring it down

he didn’t mean to raise it a second time
he didn’t mean to commit a second crime.

He didn’t mean it.

But if everyone got pardoned
for the things they said and did without meaning,
everyone would hit
and no one would mean it.
Again, actions speak louder than words, and ironically, that is because you can't say them.
Trust the first fist,
not the apology that comes after when the deed is already done.
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