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Poetic T Apr 2019
I was just bolts with a jar of mortality
       sitting on top of a conscience frame.
Were they just following programs to
              fulfil a outdated programme.

Like watching black & white programs
              on an old 4K television screen.
Incompatible to even comprehend that  
            the actions & consequences
                                  were known when the switch
    was no longer, like a god everything was preordained.

But for one to know everything, one must know
           the intricate nuance's of action and consequence.
They had no emotion, no feeling. Not knowing that
              what was forgivable, to give one a second chance.

Instead they just hollow pointed there intention across.
A full stop in the heart,
                               and a silence of thought in the head.
For when the genie was released every action was a
                           ripple of what could become.

And they thought to stop crime was to see the actions,
               of one and all.  So a child,
                                                   was read on mannerisms
Psyche profiles where constructed and without a moment
                                                          ­­         cries where silenced.

The protector of all who now judged,
             Tears of infants fell silent.
I was the machine with a heart,
             beating to the reality that all where guilty till
                                                                ­­          charged.

We were few, but we judged the machines before us,
              unworthy were those that took a life.
For an algorithm that was corrupt of humanity.
                         Serving with the strength of conviction,
but we would see deep within and see the seed that
              could grow not clip it blossom before it could grow.

Machines were once the morals of mans sentences,
            now there are those who see morality.
          But have the steel to back up on the convictions.

Morals are mans strength not a weakness,
            I'm just bolts with a jar of mortality.
              but before all were guilty...
Slabs now hold the misjudgement of so many.
             we see beyond 000,s & 11111's
were not numbers were more than that now.
Lynnette Apr 2019
We live in a judgemental society
Where the real you is only abstract.
From a young age we are taught to believe
That only society can define how you act.

From the moment we enter the world
We are forced to sign a contact.
Torn away from freedom of opinion
We begin our journey with no way back.

Beauty overrules personality
Money defines your future
Being intelligent is a crime
And standing out makes you a loser.

The paths you choose to follow
Always end the same.
There is no way to escape society
Because we all have been chained.

People are ridiculed for being happy
But called weak when sad.
We dare not share our views
For we’d be labelled as mad.

We live in a judgemental society
Where no one seems to win.
Forced to be someone society defines,
The real you fades within.
This poem is about the way people judge us for who we are and what we do.
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
I found my autobiography on the fiction shelves in the town library!?
Sometimes the things we do and see others will never face or know in their reality.
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't
have judged you
without knowing what
you've been through.
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
I thought l would use their judgements
As inspiration
But it's not enough motivation
Maybe l grow with being judged
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
Many of the rumors about me are true
My insecurities reflect the past
Cards that I discarded weren't all that bad
Metaphorically folded too fast

You can assume whatever you want
Could imagine a million possibilities
In a lot of them you are probably right
I just feel I am viewed as a person diseased

It's only natural to judge in haste
I try to change their impression
I struggle with tired stereotypes
Hope those I love can see my intentions

My eyes betray sad stories
Vaguely told in shades of brown
And all throughout mistakes are woven
Punctuated by tears leaking down

I was a loser for awhile
A burden who offered less than nothing
Let my issues get the best of me
Friends have tried to give guidance
Wasn't ready to accept advice, kept ducking

Immature approach to solving problems
***** a wall to guard my heart
Let my issues get the best of
Embrace sin when life falls apart

Find it amusing when hypocrites whisper
With each passing day grow stronger
It was difficult at recovery's start
To be judged a person I wasn't any longer
Your past does not define you
Unknown Jul 2018
I will forever and always be known as the 'quiet girl',
the one that does not talk,
is too quiet for her own good,
and is considered weird.

"why don't you talk?" they ask,
"you're so emotionless, talk more."
"smile more."

your words hurt me, over and over again.
why will no one accept me for the way I am?
your very own words make me hate myself.

hate how quiet I am,
hate how I enjoy being in my own thoughts,
hate who I am as a person.

even when I try to talk more, you knock me down with your -
"wow, she's actually talking."
because being 'quiet' isn't cute nor hot to others.

I will forever and always be known as the "quiet girl"
and I  f e a r  that I will always hate myself for being quiet.
for those who feel as though they are judged by their quietness, for those who feel like no one understands and accepts the way they are.

side note: this is a huge problem I have been dealing with this year and I encourage you to use your words nicely and maybe approach someone if they look lonely. it makes us feel like someone actuallycares about us.
jaden May 2018
im scared to hold his hand.
because i might fall harder
because they could say something
because he might hate me

i shouldn't look at him like that.
because i might stare forever
because they think it's wrong
because he might find out

why do i want to kiss him?
because i love the way his lips look
when he smiles as if no one sees
because when he laughs
everything else just melts away

im scared to be myself.
because i don't know how to do so
because they might judge me
because he could think im horrible

i shouldn't want him
because im supposed to want her
because they say it's wrong
because he could find out

why do i feel like this?
because it's like ive been betrayed
and it's my own mind causing it all
because i want him so badly
that im willing to be scared
and im willing to be judged
im willing to risk being ridiculed or be in a constant state of fear if it means that I'll get to kiss him just once
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