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Julie Grenness Apr 2017
This is one joy of teaching,
Which is really like lay preaching,
That lucid clarity moment,
When, "Now I get it!" is an event,
It's called their comprehension,
Light has dawned, they never struggle again,
You can call that satisfaction,
Yes, it's like lay preaching,
The real joy of teaching!
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
What is it really like to be old?
Read along, and you'll be told,
Well, there's spectacles and hearing aids,
Also along the way, by the way,
There's dentures in glasses,
Zimmers on greys who want to make passes,
Then there's incontinence aids, bad hips,
Appointments at medical specialists,
Then you're off to the pharmacists,
To get all your scripts,
Then there's the alphabet song,
Read along, read along,
A is for Arthritis,
B is for Bursitis,
C is for Constipation,
Always a grey consternation,
D is for Diarrhoea,
And no doctor wants to know ya!
Finally, Z is for the big sleep at the end,
No wonder geriatrics go round the bend,
Yes, greys, these are our golden years,
Have fun learning, no need for tears!
Feedback welcome!
aniket nikhade Dec 2015
In the highs and lows of life
In the ups and downs of life
In the joys and sorrows of life
In the happiness and sadness of life
In all the different moods, moments and spheres of life
Always make it a point to live life in the present with present moment of time.

Never has it happened in the present,
nor will be happen in the future.
Every moment in life that comes upon has got it's own life for quite sometime till the point in time comes when it passes away.
A moment in time that has gone, is gone,
it won't come back again.
Never has it happened in the present,
nor will be happen again in the future.

Thus every moment in life comes with a purpose.

Each moment in life has got it’s own importance,
it’s own value,
it’s own significance.

Always it’s important to understand, realize and accept the importance of every moment in life.

As easy as it may seem to be,
the easiest thing in life is to do something in haste,
in a rush of blood.

By doing so,
if it solves a problem,
then it’s well and good,
if not,
then the struggle continues.

Still even if it brings a solution to a problem,
it still remains good proposition.

The only thing that remains of concern when doing something in a rush of blood is that it can also mark the arrival of a disaster,
even if you know neither it can be averted,
nor can it be reversed.

So better keep moving at the right pace with the present moment in time
Keep a track of how things shape
Better to be more concerned about the present than that of future
Things change,
sometimes something good might happen.

Things change,
sometimes something unexpected might happen,
but then that’s life.

Hence it’s always important to keep in mind, to remember
Always take one step at a time.

Do things which you like,
rather than doing something just for the sake of doing it.

Never run away from the obstacles of life
They are a part of your life and part of the game
So face them,
learn something new in the process of solving them.

A day will come when a sense of satisfaction will occupy a place in your mind and also in your life.

Till then, it always give it a try,
try again.
Try, try and you will win.

Till the perfect moment in life comes when there is a sense of satisfaction that comes to mind till then,
it’s life and life continues.

In the highs and lows of life
In the ups and downs of life
In the joys and sorrows of life
In the happiness and sadness of life
In all the different moods, moments and spheres of life
Live life in the present with present moment of time.
“Each of us may think we know exactly what we need to make us happy, what will be good for us, what will ensure we have our happy ending, but life rarely works out in the way we expect, and our happy ending may have all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, be shaped in all sorts of unexpected ways” ― Jane Green
20 October 2011*

Some things are so distant, hard to get
Just like people who easily forget
All through these years, little have remained
Of beautiful memories bleached 'n' stained

Standin' b'fore the ruins of the past
Destroyed by personal desires and greedy lust
Come fallin' off the ground like a raw fruit
Too young to nourish, cannot face the truth

I can hardly recall our comings 'n' goings together
Our beginnings 'n' endings scattered somewhere
Too much pretenses, void of true feelings
We're sour grapes contemplatin' for lost things

Stayin' or leavin' doesnt matter
It's a choice I've not decided soon after
This head hurts thinkin' too much
Some things are b'yond recall as old love is such
Some love are left unresolved. Some love don't love at all. Until such time that we don't know what is love and how it is to be loved. We do not lose the feeling, we just forget it with time. Time heals all wounds, but does not erase all scars. L
ji Aug 2015
The golden burn of dusk
   kisses my window panes and walls;
On table tops it rests,
   the moon and stars it calls.

Far above the horizon,
   the honey sun waves good-bye
With sighs of blues and purples,
   its glory's end is nigh.

The birds sing their last songs
   atop the birches' bough
And the sunset leave us thinking,
   "What do we really know?"
In another world it is rising,
   but right here it hides from view,
burying its face, so when morrow comes
   we can marvel its glory anew.
It is in love that this world makes sense
It is in love, this life’s essence
My soul mate, O my love, my friend
Together our lives now securely blend

We are together in our joys and grief
In this journey of meadows and of peaks
O soul mate, what a mystery unknown
To us that in this deeper love is shown
Illusory as this corporeal existence
        may be termed,
I am too glad sifting through
[This imagined existence of]
The interspaces of Time and Space.
Don’t need to be interceded for
To a space-less place-

The echoes of infinity
Tingle me, weaving infrasonic waves
Of life around me.

I can catch up with salvation
Some other day;
I'm here. Soaking in
The sun's tickle tingling me awake
The wind's whistle cooing on a dull day,
The patter of rains as it sings
A new rhythm into play.
A dog's wagging tail at my caress,
Smiles from faces familiar-unfamiliar,
Or a dance move I'd been tugging at to perfect.
Lapping up a home-cooked meal
After a long day, curling up in my bed.
Celebrating joys with an exultant jump
A high-five or a fist-pump,

Celebrating life more
Than fearing death.
A positive yet realistic take on life itself.
Shruti Atri Jul 2014
A friend to have,
A walk in the rain;
Drowning in the droplets:
To forget about the pain.

A hand to hold,
A heart to touch;
Requesting that your heart
Wouldn't hurt so much.

A light to guide,
A lesson to seek;
Trying your best,
Though chances seem weak.

Some Faith to behold,
A truthful tale;
Mending the peices,
Of a heart rendered frail.

A simple love,
A day in the sun;
Loving each other:
Two hearts, as One.
To the simple joys and sorrows of life...
'We are dealt the unbearable, and we bear it...' - Anonymous.

— The End —