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krsna Feb 2018
All across the distance between us
Distance is what that bind us
Caring does not care the distance
We could be one and all any instance
I still have the scent of your fragrance.
That makes me forget the distance
Distance can never put our love in cage
We still have that sparking lustful rage
krsna Jul 2017
Joys of celebration ringing on your ear
Smiling and happy people in every rear
What was missing?
Happiness, joys, and serenity
Dancing in the floor with crowd
Music and celebration so loud
Mideast of all I was dancing for formality
I was wandering far from the reality
I am dancing with the whole world
Yet a shivering and lonely feeling of cold
Fast and speedy has this dance become
But pain increasing inside me that I have to overcome  
Enjoyed by others this mutual touch of dance
I alone feeling like its dance to call the menace

The touch that will end soon
Feeling will be with moon
Said that everyone will be here
End of happiness
And that will show true and fare
Dance will become a march of dead
And soon no one will even share one crumb of bread
Evil that resides in us as selfishness and greed
Will take over the happiness and will breed

No more dance and mutual touch of attachment
Killing and betrayal will be final and detachment

Soon I will be dancing again
In the pool of vengeance and blood
Question same thing that was here before as a flood
What was missing?
Happiness, joys and serenity
krsna Jul 2017
Disturbed by the incident of gravity
Now I can see all the things with clarity
I am mad or it is just the high functionality

I am drifting towards the void
I feel like I am injured druid
Waiting to be reborn again
Feed by human conscience from the begin

Is this the reality or figment of my imagination?
I never knew the power of my creation

There is remorse or guilt or hate
I am enjoying whatever is happening in my head
I feel like I am in space
Travelling in the vast universe
I see everything that is connected
In spite of the connection I still feel disconnected

— The End —