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The Sun’s rays woke each dog at dawn.
First, Maya to open an eye;
Then Taow, flicking a tail at flies;
And Kwan is last to crack a yawn.

The temple has always been a home,
For any stray that ceased to roam;
To stay a while and belong,
As long as they all get along.

The market is the place to go,
A healthy start for little Taow.
Chasing rickshaws along the way;
Getting stronger with each day.

Now, one place where dogs get their kicks,
Whilst chasing tails and chewing sticks;
Is splashing through the Ocean’s spray,
Cool soggy-sand is great for play.

The waterfall is cool to drink,
And dampens down a salty taste.
A passing elephant fills its trunk,
Then blasts them clean with just one grunt.

All freshly bathed, they head for town,
With empty tums, their supper waits;
Kwan begs for food with nudging nose,
Whilst Maya cleans up all the plates.

A place to settle from lonely roads,
Is in a doorway close to home;
Curled together to feel so close,
The rustling leaves start their doze.

The Sun has fallen far from us,
And melts within the evenings dusk;
Small specks of light burn into the night,
Whilst dreams from the stars arrive.

The Sun’s rays woke each dog at dawn;
The boat, now gone, as Maya’s first,
To open an eye back down on Earth,
And Taow and Kwan begin to yawn.
Street dog's life
Let my words reveal the hidden mysteries of the earth
And let my wrists bleed pure life like they never glanced at death
Let my tears be a river pouring joy; and let me flood the world
Oh, let the world torture me, let it burn me to ashes
Let me taste the apple, even if it's rotten
Let me go to eden, and let me meet the devil too
Let me belong
Just for a moment
Even if it's just for a moment.
Sabi 6d
It comes from in;
We shouldn't put it in bin.....
Keep it in your heart;
Before leaving apart.......
😊smile...keeps us fresh
your voice whispers
a cry of light
splits the silence
you come back to me ... and it's a new sunny day
chocolate of delight.
Oh how you melt my tongue with your tenderness,
Oh how you fill my mouth with your pleasure.
Creamy skin,
Smooth body.
You were crafted for my joy,
For you drown my despair and
cleanse me with your elixir.
Serena Jun 24
The moment it all goes off the rails,
I remind myself:
the rails don’t exist.
And once I actually believe it,
the rails disappear.
Kitten Yvad Jun 23
when a pretty persxn
won't stop and
take the joy of the moment

you have to

because you've done this
your whole life

but you know yourself now;
secrets that should have never
hid and now heart doesn't flutter

never should have been secret.
you still just are.

kindness that was always kindness
is now kindness and
empathetic compassion

you don't recoil or hide
you know yourself

smile takes a deep dive
into the pit of your tummy
a little fire in
your upper abdomen

this is how its always been.

an argument with smiling eyes
"GOD you're so pretty"
your scathing rebuttal;
"no, oh gosh, you're...soo pretty"

embracing your reticent
but not penitent full smile
of your own
she showers you,
forcing you flowers,
Laughter exiles repentance, gone

you accept flowers give flowers
be kind
make yourself warm
Grace Haak Jun 24
so do i love you
or do i just love the way you hold me
and tuck my hair behind my ears
or how you kiss me feverishly
and run your fingers through my hair
or when you stare into my eyes
and break into a crooked smile
or when your hand grabs mine
and leads me to your bedroom
or how you giggle when i brush your knee
and challenge me to an all-out tickle brawl
or when you walk me home
and keep your arm around me at all times
or how our goodbyes seem hours long
and end with a flirty "see you"

but when will i see you next
and why do we have to say goodbye
i will miss your arms around me
and i hate watching you walk away
when will our next battle be
because i don't giggle when you're gone
and is your room lonely without me
does your hand miss holding mine
you never failed to make me smile
or make my eyes sparkle with joy
your hair was so soft and fun to play with
i've never been kissed like that before
i would never tuck my hair behind my ears
do you feel empty when i'm not there to hold
so do you love me

or does this just stay on our street
and will it fade when summer ends
do i let you see my tears
and do i tell you that i love you
or do i smile, shake your hand
thank you for a fun quaran-fling
and leave it there?
because i think i love you
but that's too dangerous
nothing's been defined
and we are in too deep
"no strings attached"
but to you i always will be
and when our thread breaks
so will my heart
all i ask
is that
you don't forget me.

please don't forget me.
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